And the Nominees Are…?

The school has been closed for two weeks now and I know learning at home in this new way must be taking some getting used to. Thank you and well done to all the children that have been engaging in learning activities each day. A HUUUUUUGE THANK YOU must go to all the adults who have become the teachers, on top of doing everything else they have to do!

Our teachers all miss their pupils terribly and they have been updating the year group blogs and Tapestry regularly, so keep going back to those pages to find more tasks and challenges. Look out for blog posts about ‘Seesaw’, a special way for families to show to show teachers the learning Year 1-6 children have been doing at home. I have shared additional ideas and guidance here.

On the subject of sharing your learning, did you know you can leave comments under these blog posts too?

Parents and carers can use the comments section below this post to nominate children for the following awards and I will post a Friday assembly (of sorts) on the website this Friday:

  • The Head of School award (for outstanding demonstration of one of our school values this week)
  • The Sports Personality of the Week award (showing the values through PE, sport and exercise)
  • The Tidy Friday award (can you guess what that one is for?)
  • The Jackie Johnson award (good manners)
  • Writer of the Week (effort and passion in writing)
  • Reader Leader award (daily reading and love of books)

I look forward to hearing who the nominees are!

Mr Poyton

A message to pupils from Mr Poyton

Hello children,

I am so sorry we had to close the school today. All the staff miss you already and we hate having to take a break from helping you learn. This is a very strange and challenging time for everyone but you don’t need to worry. All the adults in your life, at school and at home, are doing all they can to take care of you.

Your education is very important BUT, as I often say in assemblies, being SAFE is the MOST important thing! So Mrs Baker and I had to make the difficult decision to close the school today. We have been sending emails and letters to your parents and carers so adults at home will be able to explain more to you.

Whilst you are off school, your teachers are adding learning activity ideas to your year group blogs:

Reception teachers will use Tapestry instead. You can visit our Links page for ideas too. Please do check these ideas out and keep on learning at home. AND READ LOTS OF BOOKS! You could try designing a timetable for your day.

Never forget to be kind and take care of each other.

From Mr Poyton

p.s. Here are some fun activity suggestions to keep you busy…