You CAN do it!

In lower school assembly today, we read the brilliant book ‘Dogs Don’t Do Ballet’.

The children did some great thinking as well as looking and listening. We discussed the book’s message and what we could learn from it. Here’s what the children said:

“Different people can do lot’s of different things.”

“Believe in yourself and you can do anything you want.”

“Try hard and don’t give up.”

Then we discussed what we can say to someone to encourage them, if they feel like they can’t achieve something. The children said:

“You can do it!”

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.”

“Everything is for everybody!”.

“I’ll help you”.

Then Miss Lindsay popped into assembly and told us then when she was younger, an adult once told her she couldn’t play football because she was a girl!

The children were shocked so they tested out their encouraging advice on Miss Lindsay!

Happy Holi

In a recent assembly we discussed our favourite sights, sounds and smells of spring time and learnt about the Hindus celebrate spring and new life with their Holi festival of colour.

We watched a video about a family celebrating Holi in the UK. They wrote wishes for the spring and year ahead on slips of paper and threw them into a fire.

We discussed our spring time wishes as we get ready for clocks to jump forward an hour and for evenings to get lighter.

What is your spring time wish?

Making Positive Changes

In recent assemblies we talked about Shrove Tuesday and how some Christians give up a less healthy habit for Lent.

We even used a frying pan and one of Miss Linday’s PE mats to practice flipping pancakes.

We discussed how giving up a less healthy habit is easier if we start a healthier habit in it’s place!

How about…

Less iPad time but more reading?

Less TV but more exercise?

Less crisps and sweets but more fruit?

What positive, healthy changes could YOU make?

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