Rock ‘N’ Resilience!

We rocked out on ‘air guitars’ in our celebration assembly today and Tyrese and George from Year 6 wrote a little poem about resilience for reflection time.  Here it is…



Resilience is to never give up

If you don’t show resilience you won’t succeed

It’s one of our values you will always need

Don’t give up just because it’s the easiest option

If you do you’ll never succeed

With resilience you will always achieve


Thank you to Rhys and Shashank from Year 6 for presenting our celebration assembly today! They set a great example of passion and pride in their school.

A big thank you also goes to two more Year 6 role models, Vienna and Callum, for a fantastic reflection time poem about smiling.  Here it is…

Smile more.

Even if you’re hardcore.

It will make your day good.

Try it, you really should.


You could make someone’s day

by rubbing the tears away.

Simply show your smile

and theirs will grow by a mile.


Smiling is key.

It will help you be happy.

Nobody can stop you

so don’t let them mock you.


Don’t feel sad.

It will make your day bad.

If you smile more

your day won’t be a bore.