Having learnt about Eid and Holi in recent weeks, we discussed the Christian festival of Easter in our lower school assembly this week.

We shared the Easter story and then watched a video about what one family does to celebrate spring and new life at Easter.

We discussed our favourite things about this time of year. What do you love about spring arriving?


In this week’s lower school assembly we learnt about the Hindu festival of Holi which will be celebrated at the end of March this year.

The videos we watched helped us discuss which parts of the fesitval that we would enjoy.

It wasn’t just the paint throwing! Children liked the look of the food, the music and the dancing.

We talked about how we can be curious about and inspired by other people’s faith, families and traditions.

For example, our parent association’s Colour Run event is inspired by Holi! This year’s event is on May 24th!

Reach for the Sky

In our Tuesday assemblies this week we learnt about an inspirational young hero, Sky Brown.

We watched two videos about Olympic medal winning skateboarder Sky Brown and her aspiration to compete in surfing at this year’s Paris Olympics, as well as skateboarding!

Video 1

Video 2

Sky became Team GB’s youngest ever Olympic medalist at Tokyo 2020. She takes pride in inspiring girls and young people to pursue their passions, try new things and strive to achieve their dreams.

Sky wasn’t able to qualify for surfing at Paris 2024 in the end but she said she is still proud of herself and will focus on achieving that goal in the 2028 Olympics instead. She says the challenges she goes through just motivate her more and make her successes feel even more special when they do come. So she is a great model of resilience as well as passion and resilience!

What do you think we can learn from Sky Brown?