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In our upper school assembly today we learnt about the UK’s Covid-19 inquiry, which is trying to help us in the future by learning from the past. But the inquiry won’t just involve talking to politicians and doctors about the decisions made during the pandemic. Many children and young people, from aged 9, will be asked about their experiences back then.

So, in assembly children from Years 4 to 6 shared some of their memories from the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 when the school closed. It was a very difficult time for a lot of people and we talked about the challenges people faced. But we also reflected on some of the positive things that came from that time. We thought back to the things we missed most and realised we’d taken for granted.

What do you remember from that time?

2 comments on “Share your memories

  • Poplar says:

    Sadie – I missed doing loads of science experiments
    Sonny – I missed playing my friends during COVID, I remember making a sign for my mom and I enjoyed Joe Wicks workouts!
    Poppie – I enjoyed making rainbows for the windows
    Arthur – I remember running around our empty house as we were moving

  • Redwood says:

    Jacob – I remember zoom calls with friends and school
    Muhammed – I read bigger books during this time and wearing masks
    Lottie – me and my friends remember the day the school closed while we were in clubs
    Kaysey – playing football in my garden
    Bradley – being in school while mum worked and doing muddy adventures
    Axel – playing on my x-box
    Jamie – spending too much time on my tablet


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