FISH Philosophy


At Lawford Mead we follow the ‘Fish Philosophy’. Each week we all write a message (on a fish!) for someone who has made our day for showing the school values in some way.

In Monday assemblies we read out a few fish and celebrate a child from each class who has been having a positive influence on the people around them.

In today’s KS2 assembly we were so busy hearing children show off their German skills in preparation for tomorrow’s German Day (watch this space for more about that!), we didn’t have time time to read out any fish!

So here are a few favourites from this week…

  • Nikas wrote a fish for Felicity because…she always plays with me and she tries her best on the carpet.
  • Mrs Archer wrote a fish for Jack for…working independently and showing resilience in history.
  • Ajinkya wrote one for George because…in gymnastics he helped me when I got stuck and showed a lot of resilience.
  • Colleen wrote one for Tameema for…always showing respect in class, all the time.  To not just the class, the whole school.
  • Marie sent a fish to Brandon because…he always shows integrity in his learning and he is also very helpful.
  • Jeslin sent a fish to Emilly for…showing resilience and always checking through her work and never giving up.  Keep up the good work!

What was the nicest fish you ever sent or received?

Mr P

Parent ‘Show & Tell’

IMG_1068 (2) Photo 1 (12)

May 21st is United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity so this week (and next) we are celebrating by asking parents to join us for class reflections.  They have been talking to children about their family’s cultural heritage. Children have loved hearing about the traditions in other countries and within our own community, as well as getting to see and hold many interesting objects and artefacts.

A big THANK YOU to all the parents who are joining us.

May 24th is also our special ‘German Day’ when we celebrate the language we learn in MFL lessons and learn more about Germany.

What do you enjoy about  learning about different countries and cultures?

Mr P

See more photos here!

Whatever challenges you face…


Here is the video we watched in this morning’s KS2 assembly in case you want to share it with your family.   This true story is such a fantastic illustration of our value of RESILIENCE!

When I asked you all what these boys from South Thailand could teach us, you came up with such fantastic answers. Leave a reply in the comment section below to tell us what you think we can learn from these determined football fans from Panyee.

Mr P

p.s. Thank you Miss Tuck for sharing the video!

Good Luck Y6!


Y6 SATs began this morning and nearly everyone turned up early for the special Y6 Breakfast Club put on by Miss Giles and Miss Jennings.  We are very proud of Y6 already as they have been working so hard, but we are all sending them our best wishes this week.  For reflection time in last Friday’s assembly, Mrs Archer read out this letter…

To all of Year 6 (and Year 2!),

We are proud of each and every one of you.

Your SATS are almost here, so much time, energy and work have gone into reaching this point.  However, your time at Lawford Mead has been more than that.  Whilst your SATS are very important and we know you will all make us all PROUD, showing all our school values throughout the tests, always remember we are PROUD of all of your achievements including those that cannot be measured by tests and exams. 

Over the last few years we have seen you grow as individuals.  Some of you may love sports, some music, some dance, some acting, some computing, some are budding chefs, some are animal lovers.  But you are all wonderful, compassionate people and fantastic, supportive friends.  You are always willing to help others out and you can make us all smile just by entering the room.  

From Mrs Archer and all of the LMPS staff.

Have YOU got a message for Year 6 (and Year 2, who begin their SATs soon too)? Leave a comment below.

Mr P

Gingerbread Maaaaaan!


Wow.  We were already very proud of our Year 1 pupils but they still managed to blow us away with their amazing Gingerbread Man assembly today!  Thanks to all the families who came.

The children showed off so much of the learning they have been doing this year as well as modelling our school values of passion and aspiration beautifully.

A real highlight was the Gingerbread Maaaaan rap!  We have such confident hip hop stars at Lawford Mead!  One remarkable rapper had to step in at the last minute and perform with very little practice!

Well done Year 1.  You made everyone very PROUD today, so you should be very proud of YOURSELVES!

Mr P

Hoop Heroes!


The best bit of Basketball Club each Wednesday afternoon is at 4.10pm when we invite brave mums, dads, grandparents and big brothers and sisters to come and join us!

What club are you enjoying this term?

Mr P

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