“To thine own self be true…”









Hello again,

A new week brings new opportunities to show our school values as we learn.

In assembly this https://rifleman.org.uk/dev/blog/index.php?=buy-lasix-40-mg week we talked about our 2nd value, INTEGRITY.

In Hamlet, one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays, the character Polonius gives this advice to his son:

“This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

He wanted his son to be honest with himself and with others,  to live his life by what he believed was right.

What is your understanding of the word INTEGRITY? Reply to this post and let me know.  How can you show integrity?

Mr Poyton

Proud to be passionate!




Hello everyone,

In last week’s Monday assemblies we talked about our school value of PASSION.  Our brilliant caretaker Rob talked to Key Stage 2 about the many passions and hobbies he has had over the years. Here is a picture of him enjoying just two of them!  Rob has always been passionate about learning new skills and it has led to him having an AMAZING life!

I hope you will all pursue your passions in school and in the future.

Mr Poyton

Welcome to the Lawford Mead blog!

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Welcome to pupils, parents and anyone else who wants to know about the fantastic learning that goes on at Lawford Mead Primary, our BRAND NEW school!

I am very excited and proud to be posting our first blog entry.  In assembly this week we talked about the first of our five school values, PASSION.  You can show passion and pride in your learning and your school by interacting with our school blog!

Reply to this post below.  You need to enter your first name, an email address (ask your parents for help or use your school Tocomail address) and a comment.

Can you tell me what you are passionate about and what you have been proud of so far this term?

Mr Poyton

p.s. Ask your teacher when they are going to start blogging!