King Charles III

Lawford Mead pupils showed such thoughtfulness when we discussed the sad news that the Queen had died. We reflected on her life and the wise words that she shared with the nation. We all have fond memories of our jubilee celebrations last year. In Tuesday team talk assemblies last week we watched the Newsround video below and learnt more about the new King. Reflecting on the video, we realised that whilst our lives may be very different to the royal family’s, they have faced some of the same challenges many of us have. Something else that stood out in the video was Charles’ PASSION (one of our core school values!) for taking care of our planet and the environment.

Do you share that passion? What else do you care about and think is important?

Mr Poyton

Punctuality Poster Competition!

In our Tuesday Team Talk assemblies this week we discussed punctuality. Some pupils watched this funny video –

At Lawford Mead this year, we want to improve punctuality so that less children arrive to school late and more classes have a chance to win our weekly punctuality award in celebration assembly. We also want to support parents and carers with morning routines, as we all know having to rush to get ready and out of the house can be stressful – and not a great start to the day of learning.

We are having a punctuality POSTER COMPETITION for children in Year 1 to 6. It is an optional homework task. Posters should be designed and completed at home on an A4 sheet. Entries should be given to the child’s class teacher by OCTOBER 7th, with the child’s name clearly written on the back. Adults at home can help with ideas and we recommend they help with spelling.

There will be PRIZES for the winning entries and the best posters will be copied, laminated and displayed around school. These posters will also be scanned so digital copies can be emailed home to families.

So start thinking about the catchy slogan, attention grabbing images and ‘top tips’ for punctuality that you want to include on your poster!

Mr Poyton

If you can see it, you can BE it!

Welcome to a new school year at Lawford Mead! Our Year 1 to 6 year group blogs (see the links above) are mainly used for posting homework tasks and guidance. I use this ‘Main’ blog page to explain what we discuss in our assemblies. On Tuesdays we have our ‘team talk’ assemblies. A time to think about and discuss our school values; passion, integrity, respect, aspiration and resilience. We discuss inspirational people around the world who are have shown our values and encourage us to show those values in school. Then WE can be the ones who inspire others!

In today’s team talk assemblies, we watched a video about the women’s European Championship tournament and the winning England team. You can watch below. The children spotted passion, aspiration and resilience in the video. We discussed the phrase ‘If you can see it, you can be it’. Girls have been inspired to play football (in some cases, for the first time) because they have seen the women’s team play and succeed. When we show our values in school, we can inspire others. Others see what we can achieve and realise they can achieve great things too. When you are finding things difficult, look around you for inspiration!

Can you leave a comment below and tell me how YOU want to inspire others this year? What do you want to achieve? Which value do you want to ‘show off’? What do you want to feel proud of?

Mr Poyton