Home learning 19th July

English- read the text and answer these questions:

Who is Aiza?

Which animals need their food to be mixed?

Which animal does Aiza think is cute?

Where are the hens kept?

Which animals are the hens protected from?

When do the cows go in the barn?


Home learning 18th July

Hello everyone, please be safe in this heat today.. it is going to be a hot one!

Here is some home learning for when you are sitting in the cool…. Enjoy!

English: Read the text and see if you can skim and scan to find these words. Perhaps you can time yourself and see how long it takes you to find them! Tick them when you have found them 🙂

farm animals head jobs pigs mud dog sheep pen wool hens eggs foxes cows barn

Now can you read these sentences and draw a picture to match?

Tom and Aiza

Feeding the pigs in the mud

Dad and the dog

Mum checking the hens

Maths: Telling the time to half past

watch the video to help you understand telling the time to o’clock and half past the hour.

Can you make the times shown below? you could draw round something circular, add the clock numbers and draw you minute had and hour hand to make the correct time or you could make your own clock out of a cereal box or paper to make each time. You could use a pipe cleaner or sandwich bag tie to make the hands move or just cut out the hands and place them on your clock. Remember the minute hand is longer than your hour hand.

Paper Plate Clock | ThriftyFun
Measurement Time To The Half Hour : 30 Half Past by Team Talmadge
What's the time - o'clock 1 worksheet

see if you can make or draw some o’clock and half past times and ask your family members to say what the time is.

Thursday 10th February 2022

Phonics: Today we are going to be learning the ‘wh’ digraph. W dont pronounce the ‘h’ in this- it is silent!

Use your robot arms to segment and blend these words.

Look at the pictures and write the ‘wh’ words underneath. You can use the letters underneath to help you work out what the words may be.

Here are the answers- you may want your adult to say the words then you write them!

English- You have planned a new Weather story with your new characters! Look ta your plan. What is your new character? Where do they live? What do the people make them to cheer them up?

Write some sentences to create your story using your story plan. Remember what your writing will need to include:

Capital letters

Full stops

Describing words


We have been looking at solving subtraction problems. We know that when we subtract the number we start with gets smaller as we are taking away from that number. Using the number line, can you draw jumps to show how to subtract and then complete the answer?

Think about which number we have to start with (which number do you see first in the number sentence? Then look at how many jumps BACK we need to do. We jump backwards so our numbers become smaller. Then see which number you land on ! Good luck!

Home Learning Tuesday 8th February


We looked at the alternative Grapheme for or today.

look at the picture below. Can you find all the pictures with the aw Grapheme? Once you have found them write the matching words. I have included the answer so you can check.


Today we looked at how we could change some of the features in our Weather Monster story to help us write our own story. We decided we would change the character, where he lived and what the villages took him as a present. Below are some ideas we came up with.

present the villages might take.

Chose your favourite Character, place where they live and what present the villagers will take.

We added our information on to a story mountain plan. See if you can draw your own story mountain and add information for each part to retell the story. Remember to change who the character is, Where they lived and what present was taken.


We look at subtracting within 20 today. We told maths stories about cookies. EG: First there were 14 cookies. Then 3 were eaten. Now there are 11 cookies left. We used a Frist, Then, and Now grid to help us complete the equations.

Home Learning Monday 7th February 2022

Phonics: Today we looked at the grapheme ue (it makes an oo or you sound).

Pin on Literacy

Look at the pictures below. Can you find all the ones with the ue sound in. Once you have found them write the correct word for each picture. I have included the answers for you to use to check afterwards.

English: Today we finished writing the story about the Weather Monster.

Look at the picture below and tell someone at home how the story ended.

To help us write our sentences we talked about how the Weather monster was feeling and why? We also thought about what had happened to the weather at the end of the story. We thought about what each of our sentences would be and we tried to include a good describing word. Some of us wrote: The furry Weather Monster felt elated. The friendly villagers had sweet cake and tea. The weather was always sunny.


We used number lines to practise our addition within 20. We tried a strategy where we made ten first and then counted on to help us find the is equal to. We started on 6 and then did one big jump to 10. We worked out this was 4 jumps. We then knew we had to jump 3 more times for us to add 7 correctly.

Have go at this strategy yourself. If you find it too difficult you can always jump in ones.

Home learning 4th February

Today is Number day!!!

In maths, we have been learning about plac value within 20. This is where we have been looking at numbers and counting the groups of 10 and extra ones in the number. Today, we are going to look at some larger numbers which may have more than one group of 10.

10 has one group of ten.

20 has two groups of ten.

30 has three groups of ten.

40 has four groups of ten

50 has five groups of ten and so on….

Watch this video, it is called ‘Penguin Place Value’.

Here are some activities where you will need to think about how many groups of ten and extra ones in the number! Let’s start with our teen numbers as we are good at those then you can challenge yourself to try some bigger numbers!

Look at the numbers on the penguins then use the ten frame key at the top to work out which colours you will need to colour them in.

Each box you see contains 10 fish inside. There are also some extra ones next to them! Count how many groups of 10 and extra ones to work out how many fish altogether.

Lets look at these numbers here and I will explain how many tens and ones:

35 has 3 groups of ten and 5 extra ones. If I was counting objects I would count like this: “10, 20, 30, 31, 32, ,33, 34, 35

48 has 4 groups of ten and 8 extra ones. “10, 20, 30, 40, 41, 42, ,43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48

See! It is exactly the same as when we look at the digits in teen numbers!

Once you understand this, have a go at this activity. Count the dienes by counting the groups of ten and then the extra ones. Write the numbers above the dienes.

Thursday 3rd February 2022 Home Learning

Phonics: Today we were looking the alternative sound for the ur grapheme.

Have a look at the pictures below. Some of them have the ir sound in. See if you can spot them and then write the matching words. I have put the answer on to help you check.

English: We continued to write our story about the Weather Monster.

We looked at the resolution part of the story. Look at the pictures below. See if you can tell someone at home this part of the story.

We thought about who went down from the mountain and where they were going. Who was in the town and how did they feel about the weather monster. We then thought about how the Weather Monster felt when he meet the villagers. Some of us wrote Tom took the Weather Monster to the busy town. The friendly people were scared. The Friendly people met the Weather Monster. He was happy. See if you can write some sentences about these pictures.

Maths: We looked at adding by making ten today. We had a number equation of 6+7= we used ten frames to put 6 counters on then count how many more we needed to make ten. Then we place the remaining counters onto the second ten frame.

We compared this calculation with 10+3+13 and noticed it was the same.

See if you can see a pattern like this by colouring tens frames to match the equation. What do you notice? You can draw you own ten frames to help you.

Wednesday 2nd February 2022 Home Learning

In phonics we looked at the alternative grapheme for oi

Look at the picture below. Can you find all the picture that have the oy sound in. Once you have found all the pictures write the matching words using the oy grapheme. I have popped the answer below again so you can check after.

We continued to write our story about the Weather Monster.

We wrote sentences about the problem in the story today. What was the problem in the story? Use the picture below to retell this part of the story to someone at home.

We thought about what Tom gave the Weather Monster and how we could describe the cake. We then thought about how the Weather Monster felt about the villagers and why. Finally we thought about how this made Tom feel. Some of us wrote: Tom gave the sweet cake to the Weather Monster. He was very angry because the villagers wanted sunshine. Tom felt scared.

You might want to add in a sentences about what happened to the weather when the Weather Monster was cross.

Maths: Number bonds to 20. We looked at working systematically ( in an order) to help us with our number bonds. EG 0+20=20 1+19=20 2+18=20

Look at the activity below. Use the rainbow to write your number bonds to 20 systematically.

Tuesday 1st February 2022 Home Learning


We have been looking at the alternative spelling of ee.

Look carefully at the pictures below. Some pictures have matching words with the ea grapheme in. Can you find them all and then write each word? I have popped the answers below so you can check afterwards.


We continued to write the story about the Weather Monster.

We wrote about the build up of the story. Can you remember what happens in the build up. look at the pictures to help you. Tell someone at home the build up of the story.

Can you write some sentences to tell this part of the story. Think about What did the villages want to bake ? How can you describe the cake? Why did they bake the cake? Who took the cake to the Weather Monster? How did he get up the mountain? what was the mountain like ? Some of us wrote : The villages baked a sweet cake. They wanted the weather to be sunny. Tom climbed up the rocky mountain.

Maths: Number bonds to 20

Can you read the problems and write the four matching equations EG: 2+18+20 18+2=20 20=18+2 20=2+18.