Friday Home Learning 1.10.21

Phonics: We have been looking at the digraph ‘qu’. Can you have a go at blending these words. If you have a dice, roll your dice match then number to the picture. Next read all those words next to your number.

Remember to use your phoneme fingers.

English: We had another go at practising our sentence writing today. We wrote a super hero profile for one of the super heroes below. Can you write a sentence about what you think they can do EG: He can jump or She is quick.

Then write a sentences about part of their costume. EG He has green boots. Or She has a red belt. finally look at the picture and say what super power they have. EG His super power is ice.


We are looking at ordinal numbers. We use these when we are explaining the order of something: first, second, third, fourth, fifth and so on. 

We can also read them like this: 1st, 2nd,  3rd, 4th, 5th 

These children have lined up and we have used ordinal numbers to explain their order or place in the line. 

Here are some questions to help you practise and understand ordinal numbers:

What colour bag does the 4th child have? 

Is the 8th child a boy or a girl? 

What colour hair does the 1st child have? 

Activity: Draw these shapes in the correct order using these clues: 

The star is the 1st shape. 

The square is the 4th shape.

The circle is the 1st shape.

The triangle is the 2nd shape

Thursday Home Learning 30.9.21

Phonics: Write the words to match these pictures. They all contain the ‘ch’ grapheme. As a challenge, can you write a sentence using one of these words?

English: Use your planning template from yesterday to write some sentences about your superhero to complete your super hero profile! EG He can jump.


Choose 3 numbers within 10 and order them from smallest to greatest. How many sets of numbers can you order? Extra challenge choose number within 20. Tell an adult which number is the greatest and which is the smallest.

Home learning Wednesday 29th September

Here is your home learning for today 🙂

Phonics : Today we are going to be exploring the ‘ch’ grapheme.

Write the ‘ch’ words and underline the ch digraph each time you see it.

Then add the ‘ch’ grapheme to the beginning of these words.

After, practise writing the whole words using the phoneme frames.

Finally, read the sentence by drawing the soundbuttons underneath each word. Can you spot the ‘ch’ digraph?

Good luck!

English- Today you are going to be planning your superhero profile using this template.

In the boxes you will need to write words using your phonics.

In the first box, write down whether you are quick, can jump, hop, skip, fly etc.

In the second box, write some words to describe the parts of your costume (red boots, yellow cape)

Then write your superpower (x ray vision, ice, fire maker etc)

Finally, draw a picture of you as a superhero!

We can’t wait to see your superhero profile!

Maths: Look at the 3 sets of objects. Can you draw them to show them ordered from smallest to greatest? Which set has the smallest amount? Which has a slightly bigger number? Which has the most/ is the greatest?

Tuesday Home Learning 28.9.21

Today in phonics we have been looking at the phonemes ‘z’ and ‘zz’ Have a go at blending (reading) the words below using your robot arms. Then ask an adult to read them out for you to write down. Remember to use your phoneme fingers to help you. Extra challenge can you think of any other words that have the phonemes ‘z’ and ‘zz’ in? Can you use the words below to make a sentences?

Phonics Worksheets, Lesson Plan, Flashcards - Jolly Phonics Letter Z Lesson  Pack | Teaching Resources

Mathematics: we have continued to look at the greater than and less than symbol today. This time instead of comparing objects we have been comparing numbers. Look at the picture below. Work out what number is being represent either side of the box. Write those numbers down and then use the correct symbol to so the greatest number each time.

In English we had another mission from the Super Hero HQ- This time the evil villain Master Mind has muddled up lots of different super hero profiles. Your mission is to make up two different profiles from the sentences below and then draw a picture a matching super hero profile you have made. Choose one sentence from each section, write them down and then draw a matching super hero.

Monday Home Learning 27.9.21

Phonics: We have been looking at the phoneme ‘y’ today (Y- for yoghurt). Look at the picture below. Can you use your robot arms to blend (read) all the words. Cn you ask an adult to say them out loud for you to write down. Remember to use your phoneme fingers when writing. Extra Challenge- can you think of your own words that start with ‘y’? Can you put some of these words into sentences?

Phonics Worksheets, Lesson Plan, Flashcards - Jolly Phonics Letter Y Lesson  Pack | Teaching Resources

English: We have been helping the super hero HQ today. The Evil villain Master Mind has brain washed some of the super heroes. We were sent some super hero profiles (information) to see if we could help the super heroes remember who they are. Below and some super hero profiles and super hero pictures. Your mission is to read the super hero profiles and match them to the super hero picture. Tell an adult what super hero you think matches what profile.

Mathematics: We are carrying on with our greater than and less than symbols. >< (see Fridays post as a reminder).

Can you count how many objects there are on each side. Record each number on a piece of a paper and draw the correct symbol. (remember the crocodile always eats the greatest amount ) EG: 6 > 4.

Home Learning Friday 24.9.21

Phonics: We have been looking at the grapheme:

Phonics Worksheets, Lesson Plan, Flashcards| Jolly Phonics Letter X Lesson  Pack | Teaching Resources

Can you use your robot arms to blend all the words with x in? Ask an adult to read out the words for you to segment using your phoneme fingers. See if you can write them correctly. Can you think of any other words that have the ‘x’ grapheme in? If so, have a go at segmenting them and writing them.


This week we have been practising our handwriting and learning our lead in strokes. Can you have a go at writing the letters below with the lead in stroke?

Below are some words that start with ‘j’ and ‘y’. See if you can read them using your robot arm and then write them down. (Remember to practise your lead ins!).

We having been telling stories about super heroes in class. Our story starter was ……….. Somewhere in a quiet garden…….. See if you can think of a story about super heroes and tell it to someone in your family. You might like to act it out as well.


We have been looking at some new symbols in maths:

Greater than
Less than

We use crocodile mouths to help us remember. The crocodile is very greedy and always eats the greatest amount.

Have a look at the pictures below. Count how many and and decide which is the greatest amount (which objects will the crocodile eat) ? Tell an adult which number is the greatest and then which number is less than.

Home Learning Monday 20th September

Below are some home learning activities for your child to do while they are at home. There is no need to worry about printing any worksheets out, just use what is posted as a guide. All you will need is a pencil and some paper.

Phonics- Can you read each word by using your robot arms and then draw the matching picture for each word. You can use the pictures on here to help you. Challenge. Draw a picture that does not match a word on this sheet and use your phoneme fingers to help you write them. EG- a picture of a dog.

English- Look at the pictures of superheroes. Can you describe them to someone in your house using full sentences (My superhero can fly).

My superhero can…………

My superhero has………….

Mathematics-Finding one more. Read each number in the box. Write that number on your piece of paper and then see if you can make that number using toys, cars, pasta, pencils etc. Then add one more. Count how many you have now and then write that number next to the first number your wrote on your piece of paper. EG: 4—-5. Choose which challenge you want to do.