Lots of Letters

This half term we have been learning to write letters. Last week we posted our letters to Santa and his elves, including polite language and a list with bullet points to tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas. We have recieved an email from Santa’s Chief Elf to let us know that our letters have arrived safely and we are hoping that Santa will send us some replies in the post.

Here is what the Chief Elf had to say about our writing.

Dear Miss Dearing, Miss Webster and all the children from Lawford Mead

I have received your wonderful letters today.  Thank you so much – they are just brilliant.  Here at the workshop, we are super busy making all the final Christmas gifts and have been working very hard so we really enjoyed a sit down with some Elf Juice whilst we read your letters.  We agree that the language you all used is most polite and we were very impressed with the bullet points!

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Best wishes from us all at Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Chief Elf

Muddy Adventures

What a lovely way to spend an Autumn morning.

We have been having a great time at Muddy Adventures; building dens, climbing trees, collecting leaves, ‘cooking’ in the mud kitchen and playing with our friends. We use our teamwork skills to solve problems, especially when we are trying to make something, but we are also very good at helping each other when we are finding something tricky.

Here are a few of our pictures.

Writer of the week

Well done John. You were writer of the week this week for working really hard to publish your letter to the Queen. You checked your corrections and spellings very carefully and wrote clearly using your neatest handwriting.

We will put the letters in the post this week and hopefully we will get a reply!

Celebrating difference for Anti-Bullying week

Today was the start of Anti-bullying week. In year 1 we talked about what we thought bullying was and decided that it was someone deliberately and repeatedly did something to hurt another person or to hurt their feelings. We learned more about respect and shared our ideas. We also talked about the ideas of ‘treating others the way you would ant to be treated.’

In Sycamore we agreed on the class motto:

We choose respect because t makes us happy.

And have promised to say sorry if we do the wrong thing, tell an adult if we see someone being bullied and to treat everyone the way that we would want to be treated ourselves.

We celebrated our differences by wearing odd socks to school.


A Royal Visitor

This half term our topic is Bright Lights, Big City. We have already started learning about the different countries that make up the UK and have been finding out all about the Royal Family. On Thursday we welcomed a very special visitor, Her Majesty the Queen!

She said good afternoon to everybody and we all got to shake her hand, then she joined us for a Royal tea party of cucumber sandwiches and cake.

We learned to sing the National Anthem and sang for the Queen.

Year 1 Writer of the Week

Well done to Saskia, who is our first writer of the week in year 1. She has worked hard in all of our writing lessons and likes to show her teachers that she can always do a little bit extra! (Great Growth Mindset)

Today she completed her first piece of independent creative writing.

We are proud of her because she remembered to use capital letters, finger space and full stops. She used ‘and’ to extend her sentences and included an adjective. She has also tried really hard to make her handwriting neat and present her work carefully.

What an inspiration!

Welcome to Year 1

WOW, What a busy start to the year! Miss Webster, Miss Dearing and the year 1 staff team are super proud of all of the children who have nearly finished their first full week in year 1!

This half term’s theme is Superheroes and we have been on a superhero hunt, used our super senses and written about some heroes. We have been trying to speak and write using full sentences and have shown off with our amazing maths mastery skills, when using partners and talking to the class.

The children have settled in really well and are working ‘super’ hard! There are lot’s of new routines to get used to and they have adapted really well.

We are sure that you will be feeling tired by the end of this full week so have a lovely rest over the weekend, you should all feel very PROUD and we are in for a fantastic year!

Enchanted Woodlands

So far this half term we have been exploring enchanted woodlands. We started our topic by making friends with a tree, we had to hug the tree and collect some of its leaves.


We have found out about magical creatures that live on trees and look after the woodlands, they are called Tree Boggarts. We wrote letters to find out more about these fantastic creatures, then went in search of the Boggart Post box, which appeared in random locations around the school.

We then designed our own tree Boggarts and made them out of clay and natural materials. This afternoon we took them outside and put them onto our trees, hopefully they will come to life tonight and move into the trees.          

We are looking forward to going on our trip to Sandford Mill and will be keeping our eyes open in case we spot any Boggarts

A Spring Poem

Sophia was inspired by the lovely Spring weather to write a poem at home. She shared it with the class and made us all very proud of her amazing writing and beautiful illustrations. What a great way to use your literacy skills at home, I think you have inspired some others to have a go at writing their own poems. Thank you.

Memory box time travellers

This term our topic is called ‘Memory Box’ so we have been thinking about what life was like in the past.

At the start of term Miss Dearing brought in a box of objects from her families past, we found it tricky to work out what some of them were! Some of them were from over one hundred years ago and we wondered what it would have been like to be alive that long ago.

This afternoon we travelled back in time to experience a Victorian school afternoon. Our tables were in rows and we had to wait to be told we were allowed to sit down. Our teachers inspected our hands to make sure we were clean enough to be at school, then we copied the alphabet onto blackboards using chalk. We learned what would have happened to Victorian children if they were naughty at school and decided that Victorian schools were very strict.

Do you have any interesting family history or objects from a long time ago?