Friday’s learning 10.7.20

It’s FRIDAY!!!! Only one more week to go, we are so proud of you all and look forward to seeing you all again in September.

English – Here’s a word search for you to have a go at. Once you have finished, choose at least one word to use in a sentence.

Phonics – Practise all your long ‘oo’ sounds by filling in the grid with the word that each picture is showing. (Answers below)

Maths – It’s challenge day!

PE – Play a game of ‘magic beans’.

Ask your adult to call out these types of beans and follow the instructions: Broad beans – Make yourself as wide as possible

Runner beans – Run on the spot

Jelly beans – Make yourself wobbly!Jumping beans – Jump on the spot as high as you can

Chilli beans – Shiver

French beans – Say ‘Ooh la la!’

Baked beans – Curl up on the floor like a little baked bean

Seesaw comments 9.7.20

Sadie – Well done for completing your reading comprehension, great reading! It’s great to hear you recapped your maths learning, halves and quarters are tricky and this will really help in future!

Allira – Excellent work, keep up your great times tables practise! Well done for doing your reading comprehension and other maths work too! Super 🙂

Elodie – It was great to see you show so much passion yesterday by completing your work early and those cookies look delicious, I hope you and nanny enjoyed them and that she had a lovely birthday!

Thursday’s learning 9.7.20

Here is your learning for today, guys! You are doing so so well with your home learning. Only one more week after this before the summer break!

English- Read the text ‘The Zoo Vet’ and answer the questions to show your understanding.

Maths- Finding a quarter! Watch the video and then have a go at the activity sheet!


Find out about using the web safely by following this link and watching the videos. You could give the activities below a try too. This is a great thing to discuss as a family.  

In Year 1, we need to learn about different kinds of IT and where we use it at home and school. Make a video or a list of all the ways you use IT at home or school.

Seesaw comments

Well done to these children for posting on seesaw and showing us what they have been up to:

Sadie- It is great to hear that you are helping mummy with cooking now as well as doing you school work. That pizza of yours looked delicious and was that a smiley face I saw in the middle? Also a big well done for completing your phonics work. I am glad you enjoyed learning about Ramadam!

Elodie- It was lovely to see your great art work of making flowers. I am sure Nanny loved them. Well done for doing some reading, so much more fun when you are dressed as a princess!

Allira- What great work finding quarters. I was very impressed to see that you are on your 7 times tables now too! You are working so very hard on your times tables so keep it up!

Seesaw reminder

Thank you to all the children and parents who have been sharing their work with us on Seesaw! A reminder of how to use Seesaw for anyone who would like to start sharing their work with us…

  1. Download ‘Seesaw Class’ app on a tablet or phone.
  2. Select ‘I am a Student’
  3. Scan the QR code:

To post a picture of your work:

  1. Select the green plus at the top of the page
  2. Select ‘Photo’
  3. Take a photo of whatever you want to share with us and then select the green tick
  4. Click the ‘T’ to add a caption and type in your first name – we won’t know who posted it if you don’t put your name on the photo!
  5. Choose which class you are in and then the green tick again

NOTE TO PARENTS: Children are familiar with SeeSaw as we use it in class.

Things you should know:

  1. We have made this secure so no-one else can access your work or pictures.
  2. You will not be able to see other children’s work and others cannot see your work.
  3. Because it is secure, you will not be able to see your work once you’ve submitted it BUT don’t worry, we will still be able to see it.

Wednesday’s work 8.7.20

Well done for your hard work this week, here’s your work for Wednesday!


This week we are exploring the long ‘oo’ sound and the alternative graphemes which make this sound! Today we will be looking at the digraph ‘ew’ like in flew or screw (not like ‘ew’ in few).

Revisit : How many graphemes can you recall before your time runs out?

Click on the picture to access this game!

Teach: Play quick write. How many times can you write the long ‘ew’ sound in 1 minute?

Practice: Read the words containing the ‘ew’ grapheme and work out if it is a real word or nonsense word!

Click on the picture!

Apply: Look at the pictures and write the words using the ew grapheme. Be careful, not all the words have an ‘ew’ in them! (Answers below)

English – Nouns, verbs and adjectives

Colour the picture to show nouns, verbs and adjectives. Read the word and work out which word it is. Then use the key to work out which colour you need to colour it in with!

Maths – Finding a quarter. Follow the link to find the video, then complete the worksheets below:

RE – Learn about the celebration of Ramadan. Watch the videos below to give you some information about Ramadan:  

Task: Make a fact file or poster about Ramadan including what you have learnt. You might want to include:

Who celebrates Ramadan? Which religion are they part of? What happens during Ramadan? Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan? Does everyone fast during Ramadan?

Seesaw comments 7.7.20

Sadie – Well done for completing so much work today! Lots of different English work today which will be very useful for year 2, especially knowing about punctuation and grammar, like nouns and adjectives!

Elodie – Great work on your English, geography and science today! You got some super facts about South America and it’s great to hear you found more videos to help you think about whether you’d like to live there or not! I think the carnivals sound like so much fun!

Allira – Excellent English and maths work today! I love that you did an extra bonus question! Well done 🙂

Tuesday’s learning.

Here is to another great day of learning and fabulous work! Here are your activities for today:

English- Can you complete the phonics tasks in the Mystery of the Astronaut and find out who the Astronaut is?

If you have collected all of the clues and completed the mystery activity here is some work on adjectives!

Think carefully about what an adjective is. When do we use adjectives? That’s right! We use them to describe a noun (This could be a person, a place or a thing). Match up the adjective to describe the noun by drawing lines to each.

Now can you write your own adjectives to best describe these nouns? Write them neatly and perhaps you could write a sentence after which includes a different noun and adjective!

Maths- Finding a half. Watch the video and complete the activity !

PE- Cosmic Kids yoga! This yoga is all about washing our hands and we meet some exciting characters along the way. Have fun and remember to listen carefully to the story as well as stretching your body!

Seesaw comments 6.7.20

Elodie- It is so lovely to hear that you have wanted to work so hard on your maths and English today. Well done for working out the clues for the astronaut mystery activity.

Allira- Great work on finding half! You have tried super hard with this! I was also impressed to see that you have found some clues for the mystery astronaut.

Sadie- WOW! those are some super shaped biscuits! They look delicious! I am so proud to hear that you completed your work without hesitation. Good girl! I can see you have worked extra hard so well done. I liked hearing you reading out the clues you had found too!

Monday’s learning 6.7.20

We hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and are ready for some fun work this week!

English – We have a very exciting, problem solving activity today! It’s a longer activity, so you may want to continue it tomorrow (we won’t set any more English tomorrow).

Maths – Today we are finding half! Follow the link to find the video

Geography – Time to explore another continent! Can you name all 7 continents? Here’s the song to remind you:  

This week explore South America: Watch the videos and have a go at the activities. Then write down three things you have learnt about South America.

Challenge: Would you like to live there? Why or why not?