New Year Aspirations for 2024

Happy New Year! Wishing you a healthy, happy and successful 2024.

In our first assemblies of the year we have talked about new year resolutions or, as we call them at Lawford Mead, new year aspirations.

In our Tuesday assemblies this week we watched two videos about inspirational children who achieved something special at the end of 2023. Click on the links to find out more…

The first was an eight year girl from the UK who has become a European chess champion, competing against adults! She has now set her sights on becoming world champ one day and experts think she can do it.

Someone who is going to have to think hard about what they want to achieve next is a 13 year old boy who has become the first human to complete all levels of the video game Tetris! He has reached the pinnacle of achievement in the thing he is passionate about. What’s next after that?

Pupils have been sharing their hopes, dreams and goals for the year ahead with each other. Leave a comment below sharing the targets you are setting yourself. What’s in store for 2024?

3 comments on “New Year Aspirations for 2024

  • Poplar says:

    Sadie – exercise more
    Mahanya – To get a seat at CCHS
    Poppie – keep your room tidy
    Lily – going for a run everyday
    Reggie – try not to be silly during classtime
    Nicole – more studying less video games
    Jamie – do more math during the lesson and at home
    Fabien – read all different genres of books
    Bilal – become a better footballer
    Sonny- research more History facts

  • Aspen says: says:

    Joshua – to do more school work during the holidays
    Jackson – to become a better ice hockey player
    Ann – to get better at reading
    Stanley – to use his iPad less
    Ivy – to practice and become a better gymnast
    Amaiyah – to get more certificates

  • S Dubey says:

    Cedar says:
    Olivia – to try more foods
    Blessy – to be helpful towards everyone
    Freddie – to solve rubik’s cube in under 10 seconds
    Lita – to get better at times tables and spellings
    Hannah – to improve reading, writing and maths
    Tahlia – to get better at my handwriting
    Sofia – to be able to do a backflip
    Alfie – to do more sports
    Tate – to train more and get fitter
    Aadhya – to do different types of drawing and get better at art
    Scarlett – to be able to do an ariel in gymnastics
    Deniz – to play more football and get better at it
    Maisie – to get better at gymnastics
    Finn – to read a book a day
    Johnson – to listen to adults at all times
    David – to get even better/quicker at times table rockstars
    Lincoln – to read lots of books
    Hayden – to become a better gymnast


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