In our upper school assembly today we learnt about the special journey (pilgrimage) many Muslims make to Hajj at this time of year and how they prepare for Eid celebrations. Even more helpful than the videos we watched were the two Lawford Mead pupils (brothers!) who were happy to come up the front and tell us about life in a Muslim family during this time. We heard about the ways some Muslims might challenge themselves to fast, sleep under the stars and avoid arguments. We discussed which of these challenges we would find harder and heard some advice from the brothers on how to stay positive and avoid arguments!

Pupil Press Conference

In our lower school assembly this week, some of Year 5 and 6’s most successful sporting superstars gave a ‘press conference’ for our younger pupils. They took questions from the children about their recent success in athletics and dodgeball, their love of sport and how they have needed to show aspiration and resilience in order to succeed. The children asked some brilliant questions and our athletes gave some thoughtful answers that inspired the younger pupils to think about what they aspire to achieve when they are as old as Year 5 and 6!

Windrush Day

June 22nd was Windrush Day so for last week’s upper school assembly we learnt about the Windrush Generation. Windrush Day is a time to remember the people who came to England from the Caribbean in 1948 to help the country rebuild after World War 2. These people were not welcomed kindly or treated as they should have been back then. Now we look back, learn, celebrate their contribution and thank them.

We watched a two videos from Newsround to understand what happened and what it must have been like. You can watch here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/43793769

At Lawford Mead we want everyone who joins us to feel welcome, valued and appreciated.

Pride Month

In assemblies last week we talked about different types of families.

In the lower school assembly, younger children shared a story about a family with one child and two dads. We discussed what makes all our families different and special and why we are proud of them.

In the upper school assembly, older children watched some videos from www.bbc.co.uk/newsround and talked a little more about what Pride Month is. We also discussed the word ‘homophobia’. We agreed that we one of the things that makes us PROUD of Lawford Mead is that we welcome everybody and we would never want someone feeling left out.