Safer Internet Day is here!

In the last couple of weeks we have continued to prepare for Safer Internet Day in our assemblies. Younger children enjoyed and learned from the stories of Smartie the penguin and Digiduck. Older children have watched and discussed the brilliant new videos on the BBC website’s ‘Own It’ zone.

Today is actually the big day, Safer Internet Day 2024! We are celebrating across the school.

In Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, we will read an interactive story exploring how changes online can make you feel. In this story, we meet Mo and Jaz who are two children that love playing games online. When something happens in their game that makes them feel worried, they realise they need to let an adult know. The children will identify trusted adults at home and at school they can talk to if they feel worried about something online. A video recording of the story is available here:

In Years 3 to 6, we will participate in a 30-minute live lesson hosted by the BBC. Presented by tech expert Georgie Barrat, CBBC’s Rhys Stephenson and Blue Peter’s Abby Cook, this Live Lesson explores the technology of the future, including artificial intelligence, and how to navigate the online world safely. The children will then share their thoughts and ideas about how to stay safe online as a class. A recording of the live lesson will be available here.

Leave a comment below to share your Safer Internet Day reflections. What have you learnt and what advice would you give others?

2 comments on “Safer Internet Day is here!

  • Miss Cope says:

    We talked about being careful about believing what we see online. We also completed the quiz questions and were glad we got all the right answers. We learnt about the dangers of things shared on the internet and it helped us decide what might be fake what we see online. We discussed about chat bots and how they can be helpful but also can be hard to work with to get your query answered. We talked about being careful with posting things about ourselves as it can be edited

  • Mrs Cumpstey says:

    We shared a story about Mo and Jaz who were watching a video online. We found out what to do if something goes wrong, or something happens that we don’t like when we are online. We found out about turning off what scares us and always telling an adult that we trust. The video taught us that we can choose to turn off if we don’t like something. We talked about the school SMART online rules and who our trusted adults are at home and at school.
    On Thursday we used the Internet safely to search for information and to watch videos. If a message came up, we told the adults in our classroom.


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