Learning from defeat…enjoying the experience…

Assemblies today were about my new hero, England Manager Gareth Southgate.

His methods as manager and his answers in interviews during the World Cup can teach us so much about resilience and aspiration.

Here are some of my favourite quotes of his.  Can you leave a comment below explaining what we can learn from Gareth Southgate?

“I’ve learnt a million things from the day (I missed a penalty at Euro 96) and the years that have followed it, the biggest thing being that when something goes wrong in your life, it doesn’t finish you.”

“Missing my penalty will never be ‘off my back’. That’s something that will live with me for ever. But today is a special moment for this team. It’ll hopefully give belief to the generations of players that will follow. We always have to believe in what is possible in life and not be hindered by history or expectations. These young players are showing that.”

“Sometimes you have to go through difficult times as a team, and failures, to learn and to improve

“Against the very best teams, we’ve come up short. But we’ve had a wonderful adventure and some experiences which will stand this group of players in good stead for the future. We have to try to constantly evolve and improve… That’s what we keep having to do: review how we play, how might we improve, what we can get better at. That’s what we will do…There is still a lot of work to be done to improve as a collective and as individuals. But it has been a fantastic experience, and one we will remember and learn from.”

“We are privileged to be out here representing our country. The chance to connect everyone through football and make a difference to how people feel… All these players come from different parts of the country, and they’ll be inspiring youngsters back home. That’s more powerful than what we’re doing with our results… the feeling of pride and satisfaction on the pitch at the end was enough for us.”


Mr P