Word of the Week Challenge: simultaneously

Our first whole school word of the week for the summer term is…


An adverb that means at the same time.

For example…

It can be hard for some people to pat their head and rub their tummy simultaneously!


We all felt simultaneously sad and happy that Miss Smith was leaving Lawford Mead to have a baby.

Try to use our word of the week in a sentence before next week’s assembly. Can you leave a comment below with an example sentence?

What’s your motivation?

In our Tuesday assemblies this week we heard Mr Pearson’s motivation for running the London Marathon this weekend. He isn’t running all that way for a medal or to get on TV and whilst it is great to raise money for charity, that’s not that main reason for taking on such a big challenge either. Mr P has put in the training because he ENJOYS running and achieving something special after hard work will make him feel proud.

I asked children what they are working hard on right now and what will motivate them to keep going during this final term of the yearHere are some of the children’s answers…no one said it was just for Dojo points or a treat…

“I’m working hard on my 4x tables because I want to move on to my 6s”.

“I’m working hard on my reading because I want to enjoy more books”.

“I’m working hard on my writing because I want to be better at it”.

“I’m working hard on catching a ball because exercise is important”.

“I’m working hard towards my SATs because I want to do the best I can and then do well in high school”.

“I’m working hard on fractions because I’ve learnt a lot and want to learn more”.

Here is the poem video we watched. Ungirt means loose and free. The poet talks about running for the pure LOVE of it. He couldn’t live without it and he doesn’t need a prize.

The message of this poem could relate to any passion that requires hard work. There is no greater prize that the pride you feel when you challenge yourself.

Leave a comment below explaining your goals and motivations.

Mr Poyton


Here is the music video about kindness we watched in assemblies this week. What message in the song lyrics stands out to you?

And here is the other video we watched. What can you do to be like number 50 this week?