VIPs visit & thinking about the future

Former pupils visited our KS2 assembly today to present us with a lovely framed letter and photo. Look out for it in the front office and read the letter below. The letter told us how former Lawford قيامة عثمان Mead pupils have been doing at Hylands so far and thanked us for all we did to prepare them for the next stage of their education.

in the assembly I asked KS2 what they want to take with them when they leave Lawford Mead. I didn’t mean objects like an iPad or Macbook! I meant feelings and lessons about learning and life that will help them be successful in the future.

Here are some of their fantastic answers:

  • friendship and knowing how to be a good friend
  • confidence and feeling prepared for Year 7 learning (like algebra!)
  • our school values
  • the passions and talents we have discovered here at Lawford Mead
  • knowledge
  • fitness and health
  • memories of time with our teachers
  • a love of reading and subjects like art, sports, and maths

Can you comment below with more answers?

WotW and writing with humour…

Our Word of the Week is infinite. I’m sure you can find infinite ways to include it in your conversations and writing this week.

A talented pupil brought tears to my eyes with his hilarious persuasive letter this week. Alfie got into the mindset of rude, greedy, selfish King Henry VIII and wrote a letter to the pope that made us all laugh. Here it is…enjoy…

Dear Mr Pope,

I am writing to you to give me a divorce, Catherine of Aragon is getting really old and smelly. I really need a divorce.  Everyone in the palace wants her gone so if you say no it just won’t be me, it will be everyone in the palace who will be sad.  Especially me!  Though if you said no my axe man would be happy.  Anyway I’ sure you will say the right choice.

She still failed to give me a son and as you know, you can’t rule if you’re a stupid girl who is thick as two short planks! Anyway, you see how important this is to me.

Pope, you really are the best pope ever.  Probably why you got the job.

Yours sincerely,

Henry VIII

New books and WotW

The more money spent at our Book Fair stalls on Target Sharing and Exhibition days, the more free books we get for the school library! So thank you to families who bought books last year as we have received over 100 free books last week! See the picture above with two of our Year 6 reading role models. Can you spot a book you want to read?

Our Word of the Week this week is unexpectedly, a great sentence opener for a story when something surprising happens.

Mr Poyton

School Council & WotW

We announced the new members of School Council in assembly last Friday. Here is a picture of our new Secretary, Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer. Each year group’s council representatives were democratically elected. Watch this space for a photo of all of them with their shiny new badges. Our School Council, with support from Miss Abbott, play an important role in making decisions that help Lawford Mead continue to improve and make a positive contribution.

Our Word of the Week this week is frivolous. It means unimportant and maybe a bit silly. Can you use it in your writing and conversations this week?

Mr Poyton

Campaigning for the future…

In our assemblies today we talked about what we can do to take care of our local environment and our planet. Year 1 & 2 had great ideas for things we can all do…

  • Reusable water bottles and shopping bags
  • Don’t drop litter
  • Pick up litter (but check with an adult if it looks dirty or dangerous)
  • Say no to plastic straws
  • Use a compost bin and water butts in gardens
  • Don’t waste water
  • Save your leftovers at dinner time
  • Separate your recycling
  • Respect all wildlife

In the KS2 assembly we took things further. We watched the full speech Greta Thunberg gave at the United Nations (UN). Greta became famous at age 15 for protesting in Sweden. Recently she traveled to America and gave a well researched, passionate and persuasive speech to world leaders, demanding they do more to tackle climate change and take care of Earth for future generations.

We were all inspired to talk to our school council representatives about what we think Lawford Mead should do to make change for the better. Almost all school council ‘reps’ have been voted in now. They are ready to listen and discuss your ideas in their first meeting with Miss Abbott.

You can also leave a comment below with more ideas for school council…