WotW and writing with humour…

Our Word of the Week is infinite. I’m sure you can find infinite ways to include it in your conversations and writing this week.

A talented pupil brought tears to my eyes with his hilarious persuasive letter this week. Alfie got into the mindset of rude, greedy, selfish King Henry VIII and wrote a letter to the pope that made us all laugh. Here it is…enjoy…

Dear Mr Pope,

I am writing to you to give me a divorce, Catherine of Aragon is getting really old and smelly. I really need a divorce.  Everyone in the palace wants her gone so if you say no it just won’t be me, it will be everyone in the palace who will be sad.  Especially me!  Though if you said no my axe man would be happy.  Anyway I’ sure you will say the right choice.

She still failed to give me a son and as you know, you can’t rule if you’re a stupid girl who is thick as two short planks! Anyway, you see how important this is to me.

Pope, you really are the best pope ever.  Probably why you got the job.

Yours sincerely,

Henry VIII

One comment on “WotW and writing with humour…

  • Veronique says:

    Brilliant read at the end of a very long day!! Thanks Alfie, really proud of you 🙂 xxx


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