VIPs visit & thinking about the future

Former pupils visited our KS2 assembly today to present us with a lovely framed letter and photo. Look out for it in the front office and read the letter below. The letter told us how former Lawford قيامة عثمان Mead pupils have been doing at Hylands so far and thanked us for all we did to prepare them for the next stage of their education.

in the assembly I asked KS2 what they want to take with them when they leave Lawford Mead. I didn’t mean objects like an iPad or Macbook! I meant feelings and lessons about learning and life that will help them be successful in the future.

Here are some of their fantastic answers:

  • friendship and knowing how to be a good friend
  • confidence and feeling prepared for Year 7 learning (like algebra!)
  • our school values
  • the passions and talents we have discovered here at Lawford Mead
  • knowledge
  • fitness and health
  • memories of time with our teachers
  • a love of reading and subjects like art, sports, and maths

Can you comment below with more answers?

2 comments on “VIPs visit & thinking about the future

  • NArcher says:

    Poplar class think: Kindness, passion, resilience, integrity, our talents to build on, the confidence we have built at Lawford Mead, the memories of the fun times and the laughs we have had.

  • Miss Mullinger says:

    Cedar class said:
    Maddison – I would take my neat presentation with me.
    Baran – I would take my new language of English.
    Hollie – I would take my friendship with me because when I started I didn’t know anyone and now I have lots of new friends.
    Charlie – I would take my newly learnt German language with me.
    Kara – I would take my skills that I learnt in Muddy Adventures, such as den building.
    Stephanie – I would take my passion for art with me…
    Theo – I would take my resilience and integrity for my learning with me.
    Lottie – I would take my new skills with a guitar with me.


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