Compassion and Kindness


Thanks to the super-cool Year 6 role models who ‘took over’ our celebration assembly this week!

It was lovely to hear about the headteacher cup winners who had been so kind and compassionate in the playground this week.

Thanks too to the Y6 role models who wrote and read our reflection time today.  They had been thinking about what Mrs Baker said last week about aspiring to be a kinder person and friend, not just a better learner.

Here it is so you can read it again.  Leave a comment below and tell us about an act of kindness you have seen or received recently.

You can be and do whatever you aspire to.

When someone is discontent, be the one to change their mood.

Stay true to your companions and don’t underestimate yourself.

If someone is feeling lonely, be the one to stand by their side.

Be the one who achieves the most, although it’s not a competition.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.


Mr P

Wise Words for the Weekend


Thank you to our confident Year 6 presenters who ‘took over’ our celebration assembly this Friday! They are great role models of passion and pride.

Don’t forget Mrs Baker’s ‘Wise Words for the Weekend’…

Think back to achievements in the past week that you are proud of and look forward to the week head with ambition.  Of course we can all strive to keep improving in our learning but, as Mrs Baker said, we can also aspire to be better people each and every day.

Is there a value or personality trait you want to show more in the coming weeks? To be kinder? More patient? Braver?

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mr P

Lottery fund for a lot of fun!


Fantastic news! Our application for lottery funding to improve our school’s outdoor space has been approved and we have been awarded the money to install a tyre park and climbing wall (with a soft, safe surface!) next to our playground.  Children across the whole school will be able to keep fit and enjoy it at break and lunch times.  Keep an eye on the highlights section for photos once it has been installed in February.  Here  is a rough idea of what to expect…

InUse traversewallTB



Mr P

New Year’s Aspirations


Happy New Year to you all!

Today in assembly we talked about New Year’s Aspirations.

Rather than the traditional  ‘resolutions’, which are often about quitting bad habits, we focused on positive goals we are going to work hard to achieve  in 2017!

Leave a comment below sharing your 2017 aspirations.

Mr P