The trees that never gave up!

In assemblies last week we looked at pictures of amazing trees that have survived and kept growing when you would have thought the weather and other obstacles would have made it impossible.

We discussed times when learning has been tough for us and it would have been easy to give up….

  • learning at school with different things that can distract us, like a broken arm.
  • beating your times tables target after the first couple of tests felt too hard
  • learning to ride your bike after falling off

The tales of resilience children told always included them wanting to achieve something enough to keep going.

When did you overcome an obstacle? What skill are you learning that requires resilience?

Leave a comment below.

Mr Poyton

New Year Aspirations

Happy New Year everybody!

It was great to be back at school this week. In our assemblies on Friday we talked about New Year resolutions and what we are aspiring to achieve this year, at school and at home. We had some great answers.

Children said that in 2022 they wanted to…

  • “be kind on the playground when people fall over.”
  • “make new friends on the playground.”
  • “eat healthy food.”
  • “exercise and get stronger.”
  • “get better at riding my bike.”
  • “get better at my time tables.”
  • “read lots of books.”

We had a go at a funny quiz to help some of us think of a resolution if we needed ideas. You can try it by clicking here.

Leave a comment below to tell everyone what challenges you are going to give yourself this year.

Mr Poyton

Kindness at Christmas

In assemblies today we talked about our favourite Christmas TV adverts! We watched one of MY favourites, the John Lewis advert from 2015. The girl in the short story notices an elderly man all on his own at Christmas and lets him know that she is thinking of him.

In assembly, we talked about people WE know who might be lonely or sad at Christmas and we discussed the kind little things we could do to let them know that we care.

Watch the advert below and leave a comment below with ideas for how you could give a little bit of Christmas joy to someone who might really need it this year.

Mr Poyton


We talked about Advent in assemblies this week. Find out more and try a quiz HERE. We may open the first window on our Advent calendars on December 1st but Advent actually starts on the Sunday nearest to November 30th. So in 2021, it started on Sunday 28 November and will run until Friday 24 December.

We talked about our Lawford Mead Christmas traditions (including Christmas jumper and dinner day, singing The Twelve Days of Christmas together AND our very special, knitted Advent calendar.

It was lovely to hear the children’s family traditions and what is most special to them at this time of year. What was very clear from the children’s contributions was the importance and joy of being with family. We hope that won’t be so difficult this year but we are thankful for the video call technology that allowed us to see loved ones last year.

What does Christmas mean to you? What traditions are you looking forward to this year? Leave a comment below.

Hit the Button Heroes!

Hit the Button Maths game (yr 1-6) | Nailsworth CofE Primary School

In our Year 3-6 assembly today we talked about our School Council’s latest project. They will being carrying out a survey in classes to find out how children feel we can improve our times table knowledge and recall and their favourite way to learn. School Council will be producing a leaflet for all children and staff, that explains all the ways children at Lawford Mead enjoy practicing their tables.

To get us excited and aspiring to improve, some children came to the front and showed off their Hit the Button skills against the clock, in front everyone. Children showed off their 3, 6 and 12 times table knowledge. Then Harry in Year 6 wowed us all with a record high score in ‘Mixed tables’!

What times table are you aspiring to conquer next? Leave a comment below telling us what tables you are working on and how YOU like to practice. Times Table Rockstars? Other games? Testing yourself and each other? Using a multiplication grid or poster?

You can play Hit the Button yourself HERE!

Mr Poyton

Anti-Bullying Week 2021

Next week is Anti-Bullying Week, so in assemblies we watched this video to get us thinking about the power of kindness:

Please leave a comment below telling us what kind words you can use to have a positive, powerful impact on others? What kind questions can you ask? What kind things can you say to make someone feel good? When will YOU use these kind words?

Don’t forget: we always kick off this special week with Odd Socks Day to celebrate diversity. So remember to wear odd socks next Monday, 15th November! Our differences are what makes us all special!

Here is the music video we watched in assembly…

Happy Diwali!

In Celebration Assembly this week we spent Reflection Time thinking about Diwali. The fireworks you have heard and seen this week haven’t all been for Guy Fawkes night! Watch a video about Diwali and find out more HERE.

Mrs Dubey celebrates Diwali and she led us in a quiet reflection. We closed our eyes and thought of something good we can do every day during the year ahead. We made a silent promise to ourselves that we would try out best to do that good thing every day.

Can you leave a comment below and tell us what your promise was?

Happy Diwali to all Lawford Mead families who celebrate!

Mr Poyton

Saving the planet

In our Year 3-6 Thinking Time Assembly on Tuesday, we talked about this week’s COP26 event. COP26 is a important meeting to discuss the environment. 200 world leaders are meeting in Scotland, to talk about about climate change and how countries are planning to tackle it. Any decisions and promises made could lead to big changes to our everyday lives.

To find out more about COP26, watch the video above or click on the CBBC Newsround link HERE.

In assembly we discussed what we thought we can do to help AND what we think the world leaders and powerful, rich people in the world should be doing.

Can you leave me a comment below telling me what you think about both those questions?

Mr Poyton

Celebrating our skin!

October is Black History Month in the UK. In assembly today we read a fantastic book together called ‘Our Skin’. It taught us the science of skin colour and how we should love and celebrate our differences. It also got us thinking about fairness and kindness. The children all agreed and felt very strongly that they will NOT accept people being treated unfairly or unkindly because of the colour of their skin. If they ever see or hear that happening they will find an adult straight away and talk it through.

Mr Poyton