Looking back…and forward

In our final Tuesday assemblies of the year we looked back to September and thought about the progress we have been proud of this school year. We then thought about what our next steps and personal targets will be next year. Some final house points of the year were awarded to the children who shared their thoughts and opinions. We heard from children who feel great pride for what they had achieved this year, whilst still feeling inspired to achieve even more. What have YOU been proud of and what are your ambitions for next year?

Mr Poyton

FIFA Women’s World Cup

In Tuesday assemblies this week we talked about the upcoming, Women’s World Cup 2003 and compared the tournament’s values and official song lyrics with our own school values.

The tournament mascot is called Tazuni. She is a penguin who dreams of playing football. She is named after the Tazman sea where penguins like her live and unity. Unity is key value of this world cup, a time when people from all over the world can come together. Find out more here.

The official song has some great lyrics. Have a read below and find out more here.

Do it Again – by Benee

I can’t, I can’t complain
I’m chosen, skipped down the block
No stopping
I couldn’t care who’s watching
Is it just luck?
Tried but I almost gave up
Feels like a dream takeover
Hope that I don’t fall under

Do it, don’t quit, no stress, don’t miss
Don’t overthink – and do it again
Do it, don’t quit, no stress, don’t miss
Don’t overthink and do it again

Wake up, this is the start of it
Heads up, we’re coming home again
You see me shining
I’ll keep my head up, I’ll do it all again

[Verse 2]
I had a dream when I was younger
But I think my dream was more like a hunger
Had to chase it down, had to hit the ground
Had to get back up and turn the tables right round
Now I’m looking out in wide-eyed wonder
Taking in a crowd that roars like thunder
And it took somе guts and it took some grit
And it took some time but I was nеver gonna quit

Summer Reading Challenge 2023

In our Tuesday assemblies last week we had a special visitor, Becky, from Essex libraries. We talked about all the library choices children have in our local area and checked our knowledge of how libraries work with our expert guest. Becky also told us about this summer’s Summer Reading Challenge. All children were sent away with a bookmark, excited to take on the challenge and collect the certificate, medal, stickers, and special glow-in-the-dark bookmark.

The Summer Reading Challenge 2023 is called ‘Ready, Set, Read!’ All children can join in from Saturday 15th July to Saturday 2nd September at any Essex Library. Find a library near you here: https://libraries.essex.gov.uk/digita… and find out more about the Summer Reading Challenge at https://libraries.essex.gov.uk/news/s… See you in the library! Ready, Set, Go!