Thoughts about sports and feelings about football

In our lower school assembly this week we talked about what it means to be a good or bad sport. We read these stories together:

In our upper school assembly we watched the highlights of England’s first match in the men’s World Cup and thought how sport can bring people together. But BEFORE that, we watched the Newsround video below and thought about the issues being discussed and debated by adults at the moment.

Anti-Bullying Week 2022

In our Tuesday assemblies this week, we discussed kindness and Anti-Bullying Week 2022. This year we are talking about ‘calling it out’ and ‘reaching out’.

In the lower school assembly we read a story about teasing. In the story, thankfully, the teasing stops because friends CALL IT OUT and then REACH OUT to their teacher for help.

If we see children being treated unkindly we can CALL IT OUT and say ‘No! That’s not kind!’. Then we need to REACH OUT to a trusted adult for help. If you feel YOU are being treated unkindly and you don’t feel you can reach out, think about all the different trusted adults you could go to in school or at home. They are ALL ready to listen and you can go to any of them. Or talk to a friend and ask them to help you go to an adult.

In our upper school assembly we also watched this video below, to help us understand the kind of thing that might be going on in the home life of a bully. There is a THIRD person who should REACH OUT to trusted adults for support, and that is anyone feeling sad and angry. If we talk through our problems we can understand our feelings better and avoid taking things out on other people.

Children will spend time this week contributing to new ‘class kindness contracts’. Take a look at contracts from a previous Anti-Bullying Week here.

COP 27

In our upper school assembly last Tuesday we learnt about COP 27 and what world leaders and environmental activists will be debating this year.

What do you think people in power should be doing? What should we do to help?