Loudest. Assembly. Ever.

What a treat to have our amazingly talented Year 4 drummer  perform to us (and be in charge of drum rolls!) in assembly today!

This young man has put two years of hard work (so far!) into his PASSION and gives up time at weekends to practice.  It has clearly paid off and he was an inspiration to us all this morning.

What passion do you have and how hard will you work to achieve your dreams? Leave a comment below.

Mr P

Mrs Baker’s Wise Words…

Here are Mrs Baker’s ‘Wise Words For The Weekend’  from our assembly today…

With SATs approaching and everyone working hard, here are my tips for relaxing and making sure you look after your mind and your body.

  • Pet therapy – Studies have shown that just petting your dog or cat can reduce your stress
  • Exercise – Walking, jogging, swimming, or almost anything that gets your blood pumping can be helpful
  • Talk it out – Chatting with a trusted friend or family member can help to make you feel calmer
  • Write it out – In a similar way, writing in a journal can be therapeutic and provide stress relief
  • Watch a movie – Snuggle down in a warm blanket with some hot chocolate – this one always works for me!
  • Don’t forget to breathe – It sounds silly, but you would be amazed at how many people hold their breath for extended periods of time. That prevents optimal amounts of oxygen from getting to the brain and the body. Try deep breathing exercises to help relax further.
  • Sleep & eat well – Your body & mind need rest and fuel, make sure you treat it to the highest quality there is.

I’m not saying the next few weeks are going to be easy Year 6, but what we want you to remember is that they are going to be worth it. You have all worked hard over the last six years and this is your time...

  • Your time to shine and do the best that you can
  • Your time to push yourself (because no one else can do it for you now)
  • Your time to believe in yourselves the way we do
  • Your time to show your resilience and be proud of the journey you have taken so far
  • Your time to remember that somethings always seem impossible… until they’re done


Can you leave a comment below with some words of encouragement for pupils in Year 6 and Year 2 during their SATs?


What’s YOUR dragon?

Welcome back!  We hope you had a relaxing and fun time with family over the break.

In our assemblies today we learnt about the story behind Saint George’s Day.

To end the KS2 assembly we took a moment to reflect on our own ‘dragons’, by which we meant the obstacles or fears we want to overcome this coming term?  Maybe it’s your reading SATs test if you are in Year 6?  Perhaps it’s being more confident in subjects you find harder?

Can you post a comment below sharing your ‘dragon’ and the strategies you plan to use to defeat it?  What can you do to help others overcome their own challenges? Remember, our five school values will help you achieve anything!

Mr P

P.S.  Find out more about patron saints here and try this quiz!