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  • Today 08:00 KS1 Dodgeball club
  • 22/07 08:00 KS2 Dodgeball Club
  • 22/07 15:15 KS1 & KS2 Multi-skills clubs

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Target - 96%

  EY/KS1 KS2
05/07 97.1% 95.2%
28/06 95.5% 95.1%
21/06 95.4% 96.2%

Word of the Week Challenge: bewildered

Bewildered is an adjective that means very confused or puzzled. Example: The teacher noticed a...

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WOTWC & top tips for keeping cool

This week’s WOTWC (Word of the Week Challenge!) is…excruciating. This is an adjective...

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Word of the Week Challenge: illusion

No new word of the week this week as I didn’t blog about the last one! So, you have an extra...

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Facing fears…with FUN!

In our assemblies today we talked about how we can face our fears by showing our school value of...

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Happy Half Term!

What a week! It was a short half term but everyone has earned a rest! Our rounders team (see photo...

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Word of the Week Challenge: vigilant

This week’s word is an adjective that means being careful and watching for possible danger or...

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Word of the Week Challenge: jubilant

Our latest whole school word of the week is… jubilant This is an adjective that mean feeling...

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Word of the Week Challenge:...

Our first whole school word of the week for the summer term is… simultaneously An adverb that...

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What’s your motivation?

In our Tuesday assemblies this week we heard Mr Pearsonโ€™s motivation for running the London...

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Here is the music video about kindness we watched in assemblies this week. What message in the song...

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@sarahhoneybee1 Thank you ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

28 minutes ago via Twitter

Please do this to fill our library and give the children opportunities to read a range of books, experience new language & escape to imaginary worlds!

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LMPS Newsletter 39 2019 - Year 6 put on a smash hit production off to end the term. -

Yesterday via Twitter

@lawfordmead Well done all those in year 6 who were involved in the perfornance. Well done for all you have achieved @lawfordmead you will be missed. Well done also to the award winners! Congratulations to all year 6 and hope you have a great summer!

2 days ago via Twitter

@lawfordmead All the children performed so well A big thank you to all the teachers for all their hard work

2 days ago via Twitter

Well done year 6 on a fab & funny performance tonight. Well done to our governor award winners!

3 days ago via Twitter

Calling all Y5&6 students from the area! Join our amateur dramatic company (B.A.D. Co.) in September 2019! First free taster session Tues 17th Sep ๐ŸŽญ come along and see if you like it! ๐Ÿค— bring the application form with you! See you there! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป@BoswellsSchool

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