School Calendar

  • 30/01 Y3 visiting St Andrew's Church
  • 30/01 13:30 Swimming lessons for Cedar class
  • 04/02 School Nurses to see Reception children
  • 05/02 Young Voices concert at O2 for Y5/6 Choir

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Target - 96%

  EY/KS1 KS2
17/01 97.2% 96%
10/01 96.2% 95.9%
20/12 91% 95.2%


This week our WOTW goes to Lily for writing an impressive diary entry as a character from a video....

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Hylands production of ‘We Will...

Today we got the opportunity to watch the production at Hylands. It was a fantastic show put on by...

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Aspen’s writer of the week!

In Year 3, we have been writing detailed recounts of the Greek workshop we participated in. This...

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Greek Projects!

Children in Ash and Aspen have handed in some marvellous work/ projects given as homework. As a...

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Writer of the week!

The writer of the week is Freya Bentley for writing a wonderful recount on the Greek workshop...

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Pen licences in year 6!

This week in year 6 we have been giving out pen licences! Megan, Phoebe, Willow and Averie are the...

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Peer-led Computing

Friday in year 6, I gave Freddie and Alex the opportunity to show off their amazing Computing...

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Cakes and WotW

Many thanks to the parents association for the cake sale today. Always popular, these sales raise...

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Aspen’s writer of the week!

Aspen’s current writer of the week is Zuzanna for her detailed retelling of a Greek myth!

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Memorable Greek Workshop

As a part of our memorable experience, Ash and Aspen indulged themselves in a Greek workshop held...

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Congratulations to @lawfordmead - County (Essex) Dodgeball Championships winners!! Next step I reckon they need to play @EnglandDodge!! Congratulations to all of the children involved.

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