Curiosity about the World


In our KS2 assembly this morning we reflected on our school vision which, along with our values, makes clear to all what we strive to achieve at Lawford Mead Primary each and every day…

Lawford Mead Primary School works in partnership with staff, families and the wider community to create a safe and inspiring environment where children are excited about learning, develop a curiosity about the world and take pride in their progress.  We have high expectations of ourselves and each other so that all children can reach their potential and become confident, life-long learners who make a positive contribution and respect others.

In assembly we focused on that phrase, ‘a curiosity about the world’ and, we watched an awe inspiring trailer for a new BBC nature documentary.  We come to school to learn and feed that curiosity –  and we have fantastic staff, resources and each other to help us learn about this wonderful, complicated world we live in.

Here is that trailer in case you want to watch it at home.  What are you excited to learn about during the second half of this term?

Mr P


Lucky Lawford Mead


Thank you to the Y6 girls who wrote and read out something for our reflection time in assembly on Friday.  The girls have obviously been feeling very grateful for all we have at LMPS.

We would like to take a moment of reflection to realise the luckiness of our school.  

To understand that some people in the world are less fortunate than us.  

We are happy to have amazing sportsmen in our school.  

From cross country to football, to dodgeball and lots more.  

Now let’s take a moment to thank Miss Lindsey and all the teachers that help our sports grow.  

Now let’s think about something you can do to make this school proud.

Well, the school is lucky to have such thoughtful and proud pupils!

What was the thing you thought of that will make yourself and the school proud?

Mr P