And A Partridge In A Pear Tree


Well done to all pupils who were awarded their 100% bronze medal or badge and certificate for PERFECT attendance in the Autumn term.

It is a very special achievement that you and your family can be very proud of.  I wonder who will get their silver badge at the end of the Spring term?

Merry Christmas to all and a healthy and happy new year.  We look forward to another fantastic year of learning in 2017!

Mr P



P.S. Here is the song we all sang together in assembly so you can sing with your family at home over the holidays!

‘Hats off’ to Hedgehogs!


The final Friday celebration assembly of 2016 was an exciting one as we announced the winning house team for the Autumn term.

Congratulations Hedgehogs!

Hedgehogs from Reception to Year 6 have shown our school values of PASSION, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, ASPIRATION and RESILIENCE over 8,000 times since September.  An amazing achievement.  In fact, all four house teams have broken the 8,000 barrier already! Well done to all.

Hedgehogs held the lead going into the Christmas break however so they received the treat…this time.  Visit the gallery here to see photos.

Which value are you most proud of showing this term? When and how have you shown it?

Mr P


Year 6 Takeover!


BIG thank you and well done to the two very brave Year 6 pupils who hosted our entire celebration assembly on Friday.

What brilliant role models of passion and confidence!

Don’t forget to open today’s advent calendar window and check out these great photos of last week’s marvelous Christmas dinner.  Thank you Jackie J and your team!

Mr P



Do You Have A Growth Mindset?

Growth Mindsets

‘Growth Mindset’ is a phrase used a lot in schools these days.  To have a growth mindset means you believe that if you keep trying you WILL succeed.  Here at Lawford Mead we all strive to have a growth mindset.  It’s why aspiration and resilience are two of our values.  Here’s what some pupils say having a growth mindset means to them…

“It means not giving up.”

“It means you are confident you can do it.”

“It means persevering.”

“It means you keep trying until you get it right.”

Our reflection time in assembly today, written and read by Y6 pupils, touched on themes of aspiration, resilience and having a growth mindset.  Here it is…thank you Year 6…


Your best stories will come from your challenges.  

Your brain will become stronger if you learn from your mistakes.

Keep working hard and never give up.

Eventually you will achieve your goals.

Life isn’t always easy, keep trying.

Everyone is capable of doing anything.

If you keep believing you will keep achieving.


Leave a comment below and tell us when you last showed a growth mindset.

Mr P