Do You Have A Growth Mindset?

Growth Mindsets

‘Growth Mindset’ is a phrase used a lot in schools these days.  To have a growth mindset means you believe that if you keep trying you WILL succeed.  Here at Lawford Mead we all strive to have a growth mindset.  It’s why aspiration and resilience are two of our values.  Here’s what some pupils say having a growth mindset means to them…

“It means not giving up.”

“It means you are confident you can do it.”

“It means persevering.”

“It means you keep trying until you get it right.”

Our reflection time in assembly today, written and read by Y6 pupils, touched on themes of aspiration, resilience and having a growth mindset.  Here it is…thank you Year 6…


Your best stories will come from your challenges.  

Your brain will become stronger if you learn from your mistakes.

Keep working hard and never give up.

Eventually you will achieve your goals.

Life isn’t always easy, keep trying.

Everyone is capable of doing anything.

If you keep believing you will keep achieving.


Leave a comment below and tell us when you last showed a growth mindset.

Mr P

3 comments on “Do You Have A Growth Mindset?

  • Mr Pearson says:

    Pine class will show a Growth Mindset by:
    Never giving up
    Trying our hardest
    Show resilience and aspiration (getting lots of dojos on the way)
    Challenging ourselves

    Our class motto is: ‘If plan A doesn’t work, there’s a good job there are 25 other letters in the alphabet!’

  • Haniya says:

    I last showed resilience yesterday when i was coding a game. I tried to change a sprite,but whenever i did it,it glitched. Even though it took a long time,i managed to fix all the bugs and take care of the glitch! (the problem that made the glitch was i accidentally pressed ‘Paste’ without knowing).


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