Safer Internet Day 2023

In our last couple of Tuesday assemblies we have talked about Safer Internet Day, which is on Tuesday 7th February this year.

We highly recommend this Newsround article, which includes top tips for children and a very helpful video explaining what our ‘digital footprint’ is.

Stay safe and remember the theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day: ‘TALK about it’. Be open and honest about screen time and internet use with your trusted adults, because you must be confident and quick to go to them for help when something online worries or upsets you.

We also recommend the top tips for parents and carers here.

There for each other

In a recent assembly we discussed the lyrics to a song from Matilda the Musical. The words taught us to be brave, resilient and independent. However, in the next assembly we looked at the lyrics of another Matilda song. This one reminds and reassures us that there are always people close to us (friends, teachers, family…) who will be ready to help us and make our day better when we need it. We all have the power to help each other.


I believed that I
Would never be able to rely
On anybody else
And I was sure that I
Would just have to learn to survive
All by myself
And one day I opened my eyes

And looked up to find that the sky
Had turned blindingly blue
And right by my side there was you
Quietly taking a stand
And you were holding my hand

You were there as I battled my fears
I fell and you helped me to stand
When the storm finally cleared
You were there
You were still holding my hand

You kicked down the doors for me
You helped me understand
There was another version of me
You were still holding my hand
You were just there for me
Quietly taking a stand
Changing the end of my story for me