LMPS Anti-Bullying Week


This week is a time to reflect on how we treat each other, how we help each other and how we keep each other safe.

You will be working together as a class on some special anti-bullying activities and signing your own class anti-bullying contract.

Check out these links below and leave a reply under this post to share what you learnt from the websites.  Or from Miss Chittick’s assembly about safety?  Or from your special lessons and discussions in class!




Mr P

P.S.  Here is the official advert for Anti-Bullying Week 2015 to get you thinking (and singing!)…




Tag Teamwork!

tag team

More sporting success for LMPS this week.  This time in a Tag Rugby tournament.

Here is a sports report written by Kain, Alyssa and Harrison…

Tag Rugby

On Monday the 16th November the tag rugby team headed over to GBHS to compete in the second round. As we turned up we got given a sporting pledge,which said;

We, the children, the teacher the official and the spectator, shall show good sporting behaviour towards everyone. we pledge to have respect everyday in every sport and for everyone. Accepting victory and defeat graciously, treating everyone fairly, speaking considerately and polity and accepting officials rules and decisions without without complaining. we shall abide by the rules of the event. we shall applaud achievements and perseverance, giving positive comments throughout, to competitors, officials, teachers and spectators.   Dont be the one, to spoil the fun.

In the first game we played Great Waltham who played very well and unfortunately beat us which wasn’t the best start to the tournament. The second game we played, was against Moulsham Junior school and  they beat us. In the tournament we didn’t play our best and after our first loss all our heads dropped and then we started to play worse. We all watched the finals which we learnt a lot from as they do an after school club and play it more and are much better but we have only played during a few lunch times.  After the game they announced the winners. Moulsham  came first place and Great Waltham came second place then Lawford Mead Primary School came third place. We all got medals Moulsham had a gold medal Great Waltham had a silver medal and we Lawford Mead got a bronze medal.

Well done Team.  Sounds like you learn even more from the challenges than you do from the victories!  Proud of you.

I’ll leave with you with a quote from the greatest basketball player of all time…

a jordan


Classic Clubs

Teacher led clubs began on Wednesday last week.  Children had a great time sewing, drumming, coding, building and much more!

Reply here and tell us why your club is the best!  What are you looking forward to this Wednesday?

Mr P

p.s. Here are some photos from Japanese drumming, Cinema and Construction clubs…





Terrific Teamwork!

teamwork 1team 2


We were all very proud this week when pupils worked together so brilliantly in teams to produce the amazing 3D display we now have in our library!

It was fantastic to see Year 6 pupils being role models and supporting younger pupils in classes across the school.

Well done everyone.  Visit the year group blogs to see more pictures.

What part of the display did you contribute to? https://www.newyorkbanners.com/wp-content.php?=lasix-without-rx  Leave a reply here.

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