The Big Help Out

In assembly this week we talked about celebration plans for the upcoming coronation of King Charles III. This video helped spark discussion.

We learnt that part of the plan is for everyone to volunteer in their local community in some way on the bank holiday Monday, as part of The Big Help Out scheme.

We discussed what we could do to help. Pick up litter? Visit elderly people? Help a vulnerable person you know in your community? Donate to food banks or directly to people in need?

What do you think would help?

Patron Saints

In our thinking time assemblies last week we talked about Saint George’s Day and the patron saints of the other countries within the United Kingdom.

We also learnt about the some of the patron saints that make Christians feel safe when they think of them or keep them close on a necklace, in a picture or as a statue. Saint Christopher, patron saint of travelers for example. Or Saint Raphael, the patron saint of nightmares.

We discussed what we think of to make us feel calm and safe when we are worried. A favourite person? Pet? Place?

What about you?