School Council Competition

Two passionate and well organised pupils in Year 4 ran their own anti-bullying writing competition for pupils.  Here they are with the winner and here is her winning poem, voted for by our School Council…




N o bullying because it’s mean

O ne should not start


B e kind and don’t hurt

U se kind feet and hands

L ove is what we need, not bullying

L ight side is the right thing not the bullying side

Y ou should not bully each other because it will hurt someone’s feelings

I n school or anywhere you shouldn’t be mean

N owhere is the place to bully

G o to someone like your teacher if someone bullies you


Cake Sale

Thank you to the Parents Association for organising the fantastic cake sale last week.  Thanks too, of course, to everyone who provided the cakes!  £175 was raised for the school.

Find out more about the Parents Association here and ask at the front office if you would like to get involved.


Mr Poyton