A time to reflect…


Thank you so much to the Year 6 role model who wrote and read out today’s beautiful reflection poem.  Friday celebration assemblies are exciting (and they can get loud!) but it’s important to end our time together with a quiet moment to  reflect on our values, hopes and dreams.  Here’s today’s poem.  It was written with Y6 SATs in mind but I think it applies to us all.

Let us be confident, positive and willing to face challenges that come towards us.

Let us be resilient and to be an inspiration towards others.

Let us be a group that works in harmony and to cast away anger and frustration.

Let us aspire and be optimistic as unwanted feelings can sink into our bodies.

Which words, phrases or lines here are special to you?  I’ll be blogging these poems every Friday from now on…see you next week.

Mr P

Role Models


Well done to our Y3/4 pupils (and all the other schools) who were involved in the  dodgeball tournament this week!  It’s not just effort and success in competition that make us proud at LMPS though…

Our Year 6 SPORTS ROLE MODELS give up their time to assist at sports clubs and events every week.  They even help run the activities!  These pupils show the school value of PASSION and a whole lot of  pride in their school.  And they have a t-shirt to prove it!  Not only that, the great work of these Y6 role models is also helping Lawford Mead achieve the Sainsburys’ Silver Games Mark!

What have you done lately to be a role model to your friends and classmates?

Mr P




Because we’re worth it…

Photo 1 (5)

The first week back after the Easter break has been a good one.  We are aspiring to achieve great things this Summer term!

One area of the school where children have been showing a great deal of pride and ambition, is in Reception.  Pupils have been working very hard on their cursive handwriting, their punctuation and, most impressively of all, their use of the word ‘because’ in their sentences! Well done Laurel and Larch!

What are YOU aspiring to achieve this term?

Mr P