Challenging Choices

In an assembly this week we played a big game of ‘Would You Rather…?’ together! For example…

Would you rather give up movies forever or give up video games forever?

Would you rather never be able to wear shoes again or never be able to take your shoes OFF again?

There was no right answer to these silly but thought provoking questions, but children discussed and explained their choices clearly and persuasively.

We talked about the challenging choices and difficult decisions we all have to make every day. Sometimes we might not even realise we are making a choice. We have posters around the school that remind us to ‘THINK’ before we speak. We discussed what else we ask ourselves when we make our choices. Children shared some brilliant questions…here are some of my favourites…

“Does it feel like the right thing to do?”

“Is it good for me? Is it good for others?”

“Will it make me proud? Will it make others proud of me?”

What do YOU ask yourself when making choices?