Phenomenal Phonics Results!

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Something to celebrate…

This year, 81% of Year 1 children have passed their phonics screening test.  This is a truly FANTASTIC result and a MASSIVE improvement on previous years here at Lawford Mead!  The learning of phonics plays a big part in helping children to develop their reading and spelling skills.

Chair of Governors Fran Poelman says “CONGRATULATIONS from the Governors to Year 1 children on their phonics results and a BIG thank you to all the staff who helped make it happen.  Well done to EVERYONE, pupils, staff and parents, whose hard work helped get such good results.”


Year 6 Role Models

sports role models IMG_0711

Our Year 6 pupils will soon be heading off to secondary school, but they are still making us PROUD during these final weeks of term.

Today many of them are helping out with Reception and KS1 Sports Day activities and in this morning’s assemblies, elected Y6 members of the School Council presented the findings of the Pupil Behaviour Survey they carried out to the rest of the school.

Thank you Year 6!

Mr P


Global Citizenship


For reflection time at the end of our celebration assembly today, two pupils in Year 6 were asked to write and read a poem about ‘Global Citizenship’. The whole school listened beautifully and silently reflected on the words of the poem and our school values.

A ‘global citizen’ is someone who:

  • Is aware of the wider world.
  • Has a sense of their role as a world citizen.
  • Respects and values diversity.
  • Wants to tackle social injustice.
  • Believes that all children and young people have a right to an education.
  • Takes action to make the world more equitable.
  • Lives and promotes a sustainable way of life.

Anyway, here is the thought provoking poem.  Thanks boys…

Let us think about others by respecting them and looking out for them in whatever situation.

Let us show integrity by helping others to change the lives of the less fortunate.

Let us work together in peace, whenever possible and to work in harmony with foreign countries.

Let us always be convinced that being positive is the right path.

FUDGE Morning


Thank you so much to all the dads, stepdads, grandads and uncles that joined us this morning.  It was an absolute joy to see you all reading, learning, competing and coding with your children!  Having you here meant so much to them and we hope you enjoyed the morning too.  Apologies for unforeseen issues with the ovens at lunchtime (great timing!) which led to a few problems.  This was unfortunate but thank you so much for your patience, it was great to have so many of you stay for lunch.

We look forward to more events like this in future.  You men play an important part in our school community and have a huge impact on your children’s education.

Thank you again. Visit the highlights gallery for more photos and feedback.

Mr Poyton

Geography Day

IMG_4025 IMG_4034

For Geography day, across KS1&2 each class explored an exciting location based around Formula 1. Children had a great time discovering a city’s location and finding out many fascinating facts!

  • In Year 1, the children learnt about the 4 countries which make up the UK and made some magnificent maps showing the coast line around the UK. They even had a go at designing their Formula 1 racetracks!
  • In Year 2, 3 and 5, the children had to plan an exciting trip to either Silverstone or Milan, Italy. They needed to carefully research flight information, hotels and leisure activities and then present their planned trip!
  • In Year 5 and 6, the children explored Rio de Janeiro, the current Olympic host city and were looking at what attractions they might want to visit!

See more photos and read more about Geography Day in Year 3 here!

A big THANK YOU to Miss Caldwell and Miss Tuck for organising!

What did you learn and enjoy most about Geography Day?

“Success is not an accident…”


“Success is a choice.”

From one sporting hero to another.  We watched the video below in our KS2 assembly this morning and asked ourselves an important question.

“Are the habits you have today on par with the dreams you have for tomorrow?”

What can we learn from Steph Curry?

What do you want to achieve and what are you doing about it right now?

Mr P

The Values of Muhammad Ali

Sadly, the great boxer and cultural icon Muhammad Ali died last week.  He was famous for his poetic and entertaining ‘boasts’ about his boxing ability but he also said many wise things about life, success and the values he believed people should live by.  Those values of ambition, courage and perseverance are very similar to our own values here at Lawford Mead Primary.

We already feature an Ali quote here (and on our poster in the hall), which helps us reflect upon our value of resilience.  But check out these other quotes attributed to Ali below too. Do you have a favourite?  What does it mean to you?

Mr P

dreams will

dont-count-ali courage




Say NO to litter!


In Year 6, pupils have been working on an anti-littering campaign.  Look out for their posters around the school.  Thanks to Justine and Rob for putting them up.

Well done Year 6 for showing RESPECT for the environment and for our school.

Leave a comment below with any shocking litter facts or catchy slogans that would work well on a poster and persuade people to use bins and recycle.

Mr P