Global Citizenship


For reflection time at the end of our celebration assembly today, two pupils in Year 6 were asked to write and read a poem about ‘Global Citizenship’. The whole school listened beautifully and silently reflected on the words of the poem and our school values.

A ‘global citizen’ is someone who:

  • Is aware of the wider world.
  • Has a sense of their role as a world citizen.
  • Respects and values diversity.
  • Wants to tackle social injustice.
  • Believes that all children and young people have a right to an education.
  • Takes action to make the world more equitable.
  • Lives and promotes a sustainable way of life.

Anyway, here is the thought provoking poem.  Thanks boys…

Let us think about others by respecting them and looking out for them in whatever situation.

Let us show integrity by helping others to change the lives of the less fortunate.

Let us work together in peace, whenever possible and to work in harmony with foreign countries.

Let us always be convinced that being positive is the right path.

One comment on “Global Citizenship

  • Haniya says:

    Have any of you heard about the girl called Malala? She got shot in the head because she was a girl,and she stood up for the right of education. That means she was being a global citizen. Now she goes around the world inspiring people. I really hope she might visit our school!


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