The trees that never gave up!

In assemblies last week we looked at pictures of amazing trees that have survived and kept growing when you would have thought the weather and other obstacles would have made it impossible.

We discussed times when learning has been tough for us and it would have been easy to give up….

  • learning at school with different things that can distract us, like a broken arm.
  • beating your times tables target after the first couple of tests felt too hard
  • learning to ride your bike after falling off

The tales of resilience children told always included them wanting to achieve something enough to keep going.

When did you overcome an obstacle? What skill are you learning that requires resilience?

Leave a comment below.

Mr Poyton

New Year Aspirations

Happy New Year everybody!

It was great to be back at school this week. In our assemblies on Friday we talked about New Year resolutions and what we are aspiring to achieve this year, at school and at home. We had some great answers.

Children said that in 2022 they wanted to…

  • “be kind on the playground when people fall over.”
  • “make new friends on the playground.”
  • “eat healthy food.”
  • “exercise and get stronger.”
  • “get better at riding my bike.”
  • “get better at my time tables.”
  • “read lots of books.”

We had a go at a funny quiz to help some of us think of a resolution if we needed ideas. You can try it by clicking here.

Leave a comment below to tell everyone what challenges you are going to give yourself this year.

Mr Poyton