Understanding Ukraine

In a series of assemblies recently, children have thought about life for refugees who are having to flee Ukraine. Families have had to leave their country to find safety from the war there. Videos on Newsround have helped us understand what it like for children affected by the war and what people are doing to help.

Some are helping people directly because they love seeing the smiles on the faces of those in need. Some are donating items that the refugees can use. They might not meet the people they help, but they do it because they can imagine how hard it must be and they would appreciate the help if they were in that situation.

Our School Council have organised a non-uniform day (with children wearing the colours of the flag of Ukraine) to raise money for The British Red Cross, one of the charities helping the refugees.

We also watched a video with advice for what to do if you are every upset by the news. You can watch some of these videos below.

Keeping Calm

In a recent assemblies we watched clips from the new Pixar film, Talking Red. In the film, a girl turns into a giant red panda when she is stressed, embarrassed, angry or upset….

However, when she focuses on breathing and calming thoughts, she feels in control again….

We watched another video about what happens to our mind when we feel negative, and how calm, mindful breathing can help make us feel positive and ready to talk and to learn.

What helps you focus on breathing and calm down? Is there a happy place you like to close your eyes and think of?