Phenomenal Phonics Results!

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Something to celebrate…

This year, 81% of Year 1 children have passed their phonics screening test.  This is a truly FANTASTIC result and a MASSIVE improvement on previous years here at Lawford Mead!  The learning of phonics plays a big part in helping children to develop their reading and spelling skills.

Chair of Governors Fran Poelman says “CONGRATULATIONS from the Governors to Year 1 children on their phonics results and a BIG thank you to all the staff who helped make it happen.  Well done to EVERYONE, pupils, staff and parents, whose hard work helped get such good results.”


6 comments on “Phenomenal Phonics Results!

  • Mrs Saveall says:

    All the children have worked hard on their phonics this year. It’s been great to see their confidence develop in their reading and writing.
    Well done to all the children in Silverbell and Sycamore for showing resilience, aspiration and passion in all of your learning and for making all of your teachers PROUD.
    Keep up the good work as you move through the school.

    Mrs Saveall

  • Mrs Baxter says:

    I can’t tell you how proud we are of all our Year 1 children who have shown such perseverance this Year. Phonics can be a little mystifying at the best of times but they have shown such passion and resilience in order to improve and achieve such wonderful results. Everyone has made outstanding progress and even children who didn’t quite get there this year have still made wonderful progress so well done!
    Mrs Baxter

  • Well done year 1
    I’m really proud of my little sister to have come so far.
    At the start of the year she didn’t like reading or phonics
    and she’s asking to do more

  • Yay! Well done year 1! You’ve all worked really hard. Finlay says he’s proud of all his friends.

  • Kat-rina says:

    A poem for reading writing spelling and phonics:

    When you practise spelling you will know how to spell every word an adult is telling.
    When you are in this school you realise how cool phonics is.
    When you practise writing your words won’t look frightening.
    When you are reading you are lawford meading.


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