Watch us win!

The British Dodgeball association has released a video of the National Championship, which (if we haven’t told you already) we won! Check it out below. Watch to the end to see the Lawford Mead team and get goosebumps!

Everyone’s welcome…

Click HERE to watch the Newsround video.

In our Key Stage 2 assembly this week we learnt about Marvel’s first Muslim superhero.

We watched young Muslim reporters Maryam and Nabeeha interview actress Iman Vellani, who plays 16-year-old Pakistani-American Kamala Khan in the new Ms Marvel TV show. In the show and original comic book, Kamala sees her life change forever after she gains some incredible superpowers.

In our assembly we talked about representation and how young Muslim comic fans will feel to have a superhero that they recognise and can relate to.

We discussed how we can make everyone feel welcome at Lawford Mead. We talked about the POWER and influence we all have to make people feel safe and happy and to show them they belong. Something as simple as a smile, a ‘Good morning’ and showing interest in someone else’s day and life has an amazing impact on how others feel and the atmosphere we want to have at Lawford Mead.

We also had a quick chat about super power we would want and why! How about you?

Challenging Choices

In an assembly this week we played a big game of ‘Would You Rather…?’ together! For example…

Would you rather give up movies forever or give up video games forever?

Would you rather never be able to wear shoes again or never be able to take your shoes OFF again?

There was no right answer to these silly but thought provoking questions, but children discussed and explained their choices clearly and persuasively.

We talked about the challenging choices and difficult decisions we all have to make every day. Sometimes we might not even realise we are making a choice. We have posters around the school that remind us to ‘THINK’ before we speak. We discussed what else we ask ourselves when we make our choices. Children shared some brilliant questions…here are some of my favourites…

“Does it feel like the right thing to do?”

“Is it good for me? Is it good for others?”

“Will it make me proud? Will it make others proud of me?”

What do YOU ask yourself when making choices?

Teamwork = Resilience

In assemblies last week we watched this audition from the new series of Britain’s Got Talent. No one would have been surprised if the boy who fell over decided to give up. But being part of a team, along with the encouragement and kindness of his teammates and everyone around him, helped him show resilience and WOW the judges.

When has kindness and encouragement helped you be brave and keep aspiring to achieve your best? What could YOU say to someone who is having a tough time, to help them in the classroom or on the playground?

Leave a comment below.

Understanding Ukraine

In a series of assemblies recently, children have thought about life for refugees who are having to flee Ukraine. Families have had to leave their country to find safety from the war there. Videos on Newsround have helped us understand what it like for children affected by the war and what people are doing to help.

Some are helping people directly because they love seeing the smiles on the faces of those in need. Some are donating items that the refugees can use. They might not meet the people they help, but they do it because they can imagine how hard it must be and they would appreciate the help if they were in that situation.

Our School Council have organised a non-uniform day (with children wearing the colours of the flag of Ukraine) to raise money for The British Red Cross, one of the charities helping the refugees.

We also watched a video with advice for what to do if you are every upset by the news. You can watch some of these videos below.

Keeping Calm

In a recent assemblies we watched clips from the new Pixar film, Talking Red. In the film, a girl turns into a giant red panda when she is stressed, embarrassed, angry or upset….

However, when she focuses on breathing and calming thoughts, she feels in control again….

We watched another video about what happens to our mind when we feel negative, and how calm, mindful breathing can help make us feel positive and ready to talk and to learn.

What helps you focus on breathing and calm down? Is there a happy place you like to close your eyes and think of?

The trees that never gave up!

In assemblies last week we looked at pictures of amazing trees that have survived and kept growing when you would have thought the weather and other obstacles would have made it impossible.

We discussed times when learning has been tough for us and it would have been easy to give up….

  • learning at school with different things that can distract us, like a broken arm.
  • beating your times tables target after the first couple of tests felt too hard
  • learning to ride your bike after falling off

The tales of resilience children told always included them wanting to achieve something enough to keep going.

When did you overcome an obstacle? What skill are you learning that requires resilience?

Leave a comment below.

Mr Poyton

New Year Aspirations

Happy New Year everybody!

It was great to be back at school this week. In our assemblies on Friday we talked about New Year resolutions and what we are aspiring to achieve this year, at school and at home. We had some great answers.

Children said that in 2022 they wanted to…

  • “be kind on the playground when people fall over.”
  • “make new friends on the playground.”
  • “eat healthy food.”
  • “exercise and get stronger.”
  • “get better at riding my bike.”
  • “get better at my time tables.”
  • “read lots of books.”

We had a go at a funny quiz to help some of us think of a resolution if we needed ideas. You can try it by clicking here.

Leave a comment below to tell everyone what challenges you are going to give yourself this year.

Mr Poyton

Kindness at Christmas

In assemblies today we talked about our favourite Christmas TV adverts! We watched one of MY favourites, the John Lewis advert from 2015. The girl in the short story notices an elderly man all on his own at Christmas and lets him know that she is thinking of him.

In assembly, we talked about people WE know who might be lonely or sad at Christmas and we discussed the kind little things we could do to let them know that we care.

Watch the advert below and leave a comment below with ideas for how you could give a little bit of Christmas joy to someone who might really need it this year.

Mr Poyton