Seesaw shout-outs 9.7.20

Faith B – You have been working extremely hard on your Maths work! Well done! Well done for writing a diary too.

Thomas – Wow, you have been busy! I enjoyed reading your exciting ‘Abandoned House’ story. Your Science video was very interesting and you have obviously learnt a lot. Lots of great Maths work and an excellent score on the grammar paper. I also enjoyed reading your Lockdown diary – I expect your Grandma and her puppy were equally excited to see you! Well done on your achievements representing Chelmsford Swimming Club – fantastic!

Edward – I have really enjoyed reading your story and your Lockdown diary – well done. I can see you are using a wide range of punctuation now, even colons! Lots of fantastic maths work, reading comprehension, PSHE and excellent grammar…well done Edward! Amazing effort!

Erin – I can see you have been busy with lots of great Maths work, as well as excellent grammar, computing, a lovely lockdown diary and very artistic outfit designs! Impressive variety of work Erin, well done!

Ellie – Well done Ellie, I can see you have been working very hard on your Maths work and using care to translate and draw shapes accurately. Excellent effort.

Hamsini – I can see you have been busy with Maths and Grammar work, Hamsini! Well done, a great effort.

Seesaw shout outs 7.7.20

Faith B – Well done on all of your Maths work, that must have been hard to draw on a computer!

Erin – Great grammar work and a fantastic map, well done.

Thomas – Well done for completing all of your grammar work and your lock down diary plan!

Hamsini – A fantastic video on what you did in lock down!

Eleanor – Great Maths work, well done.

Gam – Well done for completing your Maths work.

Imogen – Well done for your work on angles this week!

Edward – Great Maths work, well done.

There was a great piece of writing about leaving school in March with no name on!

Week 6 learning packs

Here are this week’s home learning documents. All tasks are uploaded here for the week as we are no longer posting daily blog work until the end of term.

Remember to upload the work as you complete it to Seesaw.

Seesaw shout outs

Thomas – Great Maths and science work, well done!

Edward – Well done on all your 11+ work!

Moez – Well done for completing your Maths work.

Faith B – Great Maths work, well done.

Erin – A lovely bee and good grammar work!

Imogen – Fantastic English graph, well done! Its great to hear you are completing your 11+ work too!

Seesaw shout outs 2/7/2020

Erin – Well done for completing your English, grammar and Maths work!

Hamsini – A lovely painting! well done.

Edward – Well done for completing your Maths and grammar work!

Thomas – Well done for reading and doing your TT rock stars every day!

Faith B – Great Maths work, well done.

Seesaw Shout Outs 30.6.20

Edward- Great news report today and fantastic presentation. Very accurate maths and grammar work too, well done.

Thomas- A very effective diary entry set out over a series of days, with some great vocabulary used. Well done for keeping on top of all of your learning.

Jamie- Fantastic effort on the 2000 questions completed on IXL! Lovely to see all of the other things you’ve been keeping yourself busy with too!

Faith- Great grammar work today.

 Lily- Great to see your grammar work uploaded today.

Erin- Loved hearing you read your English work today, you’ve used some fantastic similes.

Hamshini- Fantastic maths work today and I enjoyed hearing the writing you’ve been completing, very expressive reading.

Week 5’s home learning

Hi year 5,

We will no longer be posting daily blog tasks for you to work through as other year groups are. We are now going to be uploading all the resources you need for the week on one post on a Sunday evening so you can work through the resources during the week. Please continue to post the work images or videos you are completing on Seesaw alongside any other activities – we enjoy seeing/watching them!

We will also be doing Seesaw shout outs on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon instead of everyday.

We have attached the home learning pack along with all of the resources that you need for this week’s learning.

We look forward to seeing everyone’s work!

Miss knight and Miss Smith x

Seesaw shout outs 26/06/2020

Erin – Great science work and explanation of the germination stages!

Eleanor – Well done for completing your reading questions and Maths.

Edward – Well done for completing your grammar and Maths work today!

Gam – A fantastic plant life cycle story board, well done!

Jayden – Great Maths work, well done!

Heather – Well done for your reading and free rice today.

Amelie – Well done for completing your 11+ practice test!

Nic – Great grammar work today, well done.

Thomas – Well done for completing your grammar and reading work today.

Friday’s Learning 25.6.20


Grammar: Watch the video below for today’s grammar topic and complete the worksheet


Times Tables Shifts

Age 7 to 11 

The numbers in the five times table are:
5, 10, 15, 20, 25 …

I could shift these numbers up by 3 and they would become:
8, 13, 18, 23, 28 …

In this activity, the computer chooses a times table and shifts it.
Can you work out the table and the shift each time?

Can you explain how you worked out the table and shift each time, and why your method will always work?

Levels 1 and 3 include tables up to 10.
Levels 2 and 4 include tables up to 20.
On levels 1 and 2, the numbers will always be the first five numbers in the times table.
On levels 3 and 4, the numbers could be any five numbers from the shifted times table.

Use the link below to access:

Complete week 40 arithmetic questions, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Lesson Question: What is the purpose of a flower?

Remind yourself using the video below how a plant reproduces:

Task: Today you are going to create a storyboard describing the process of pollination and fertilisation. You can you the storyboard format below, or if you’d prefer to create your own, that’s fine too!

Here are some websites that might help you to further research the process of pollination and fertilisation.