Meeting our heroes and idols

During class reflection this week, Birch discussed what it would be like to meet our heroes and idols. We discussed who we looked up to and who we aspired to be like and then discussed what we would say or do if we ever met them.

This discussion was inspired by Cori Gauff (Coco). The 15 year old American tennis player was due to play against fellow American, Venus Williams, the 39 year old tennis champion and legend. We wondered what ‘Coco’ would say or do when she met Venus. Would she be nervous? Excited?

Some of us wanted to meet the Queen and ask her why she always wore gloves, others wanted to meet Cristiano Ronaldo and ask him to teach as a few football tricks.

Cori Gauff defeated her idol, Venus Willams, in round 1 of Wimbledon!

It turns out Coco wasn’t worried or nervous at all and knocked her opponent out in straight sets. WELL DONE COCO!

Year 2 ‘seas’ the day (and the weather) in Walton

Year 2 had a brilliant (although slightly windy) day at Walton-On-The-Naze on Friday. They collected stones, shells and sea weed and then created their marvellous masterpiece sandcastles. Whilst they were having lunch, Miss Fretton saw something glimmering in the waves. What could it have been? Maybe comment what you think Miss Fretton found washed up on the shore. Year 2 will be writing all about it in the next 2 weeks!

Collecting shells, seaweed and other strange objects from the beach!
Miss Fretton found something washed up on the shore! What could it be?
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

Birch e Bonsai Mini Jogos Olímpicos

Year 2 went to Melbourne Stadium in the pouring rain to participate in a mini olympics, an event put on by the Chelmsford School Sport Partnership. We represented Brazil in the Olympics and had a really great time. We rode balancing bikes and ponycycles; ran relay races and tried some cheerleading.

Year 2 trying some cheerleading
Ponycycle races
Throwing as far as we could!

Birch and Bonsai spotted at Hyde Hall


Year 2 had a great time at RHS Hyde Hall this half term. We had a go at planting our own seed in our handmade flower pot and explored different surfaces for drawing, using a variety of plants from across the world.

We also had a caterpillar hunt. The winning team found over 80 caterpillars!


We enjoyed feeding the ducks and finding a range of leaves and petals on the floor of the woodland walk to create our own bookmark!

Woodland Walking

Year 2 went to Melbourne Park woodlands to look for different habitats.

Habitats are a place where different creatures live.

We looked in trees, under rocks, in the soil and even in the sky!

We found woodlice, worms, snails and spiders.

Do you know what habitats these creatures like to live in? Ask a year 2 child this half term and we will be able to tell you!

Wriggle & Crawl

Year 2 had a visit from a selection of creepy crawlies on the first day of this half term to mark the beginning of our topic ‘Wriggle and Crawl’.

We learnt lots of new facts about different creatures. If you see a Year 2 child, ask us for a fact about:

Borneo Stick Insect

Zebra Tarantula

Giant Land Snail

Corn Snake

Street Detectives

Year 2 went on a local area walk this week. We were looking for houses, churches, shops and other buildings in our local area. We are now all excited to engage in our topic, which is called Street Detectives.

Landscape Art

This afternoon Year 2 created their own landscapes using a variety of food.

We had great fun selecting different fruit and vegetables to create our own landscape designs.

Can you remember the name of the artist whose style we tried to interpret?

The Waterfall

Mr McGregor’s Garden