Chestnut Writer of the Week

Writer of the week is Alfie L for his use of descriptive language in his setting description:

Bravely, I walked to the battle with my shiny, glistening sword and my trusty shield. My team were all cramped and squished. We lined up our shields to create the shield wall.


Our topic this half term is all about 1066. For our memorable experience we recreated the Battle of Hastings on the school field. Can you remember the key events that led to William of Normandy’s victory?

Super Literacy work!

This week, Year 4 have been writing persuasive letters to someone they know to try and persuade them to look after their teeth properly. Matthew wrote a very persuasive (and funny) letter to Miss Chittick. This is a small part of his letter:

“To begin with, you MUST take care of your teeth so that plaque does not spread around teeth town! Plaque is made up of harmful bacteria that stick to your teeth and it causes tooth decay and cavities. Do you want your NIGHTMARE to become a REALITY?”

Great work Matthew, I’m sure Miss Chittick will listen to you!