Learning from defeat…enjoying the experience…

Assemblies today were about my new hero, England Manager Gareth Southgate.

His methods as manager and his answers in interviews during the World Cup can teach us so much about resilience and aspiration.

Here are some of my favourite quotes of his.  Can you leave a comment below explaining what we can learn from Gareth Southgate?

“I’ve learnt a million things from the day (I missed a penalty at Euro 96) and the years that have followed it, the biggest thing being that when something goes wrong in your life, it doesn’t finish you.”

“Missing my penalty will never be ‘off my back’. That’s something that will live with me for ever. But today is a special moment for this team. It’ll hopefully give belief to the generations of players that will follow. We always have to believe in what is possible in life and not be hindered by history or expectations. These young players are showing that.”

“Sometimes you have to go through difficult times as a team, and failures, to learn and to improve

“Against the very best teams, we’ve come up short. But we’ve had a wonderful adventure and some experiences which will stand this group of players in good stead for the future. We have to try to constantly evolve and improve… That’s what we keep having to do: review how we play, how might we improve, what we can get better at. That’s what we will do…There is still a lot of work to be done to improve as a collective and as individuals. But it has been a fantastic experience, and one we will remember and learn from.”

“We are privileged to be out here representing our country. The chance to connect everyone through football and make a difference to how people feel… All these players come from different parts of the country, and they’ll be inspiring youngsters back home. That’s more powerful than what we’re doing with our results… the feeling of pride and satisfaction on the pitch at the end was enough for us.”


Mr P

You Vs. You

We had a particularly thought provoking reflection time in our celebration assembly this Friday.  Rhys from Year 6 was thinking about our Sports Day activities when he wrote it.

He had some profound ideas to share about being competitive, teamwork and most importantly, how we focus on competing with ourselves.

Are you driven to improve and beat your ‘personal best’ at something?  Can you leave a comment below explaining what you want to improve at?

Here are Rhys’ wise words so can read and reflect again…


Being competitive is a fire and it is that fire that pushes us to do better in sport and in life.

Yet to truly accomplish our goals, it is teamwork not competitiveness that gives you the greatest advantage. 

True winning is not found in pushing yourself and forgetting about anyone else. 

Although you should strive to be the best, you win by working in a team and carrying on whatever the hardships.

To beat everyone else’s best is a great feat but beating your own best is far, far greater.


Wise words indeed.  Have a good weekend everyone.

Mr P

Refugee Week 2018

In our assemblies today we talked about Refugee Week, a time each year when people think about the challenging lives of children who have to flee their homes and the difficult journeys they go on to find somewhere safe to live.

In the Key Stage 2 assembly we watched these two videos.  One is a stop motion animation made at a primary school in Australia, telling the story of one of their pupils. The other is the story of a primary school in England that takes great pride in making new families feel safe and welcome.

We want everyone to feel happy and safe at Lawford Mead.  In both assemblies we discussed what we can do to make all new people feel welcome.  Can you leave a comment below with your own suggestions?

Mr P


What makes a good friend…?

In assembly today we asked children what they look for in a friend and what kind of friend they try to be.  We had some brilliant answers…

  • kind
  • helpful
  • thoughtful
  • honest
  • patient
  • forgiving

Can you leave a comment below with another answer…?

Enjoy time with friends and family over half term everyone!

Mr P


Our assemblies yesterday morning were about mindfulness.  We had the opportunity to listen to some calming music, forget about problems in the past or worries about the future, and just focus on our breathing in the ‘here and now’.

Below is some music and some of the activities we tried if you want to practice at home!

  1. Mindful Breathing – Sit up straight but comfortably, place you hands on your belly and breath deeply, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Count to 3 in your head between each breath.  Feel your body move with each breath.  Listen to the sound of the air and notice how it feels.
  2. Breath Star – Spread out the fingers on one hand and trace around that hand with the index finger of your other hand.  Breath in as you trace up a finger and out as you trace down.
  3. Belly Buddy –  Lie down with a soft toy or cushion on your belly.  Just focus on the weight on your belly as you breath in and out and notice how the object moves.
  4. Back to Back – Sit back to back with a friend or family member.  Repeat the  Mindful Breathing exercise together but this notice your partner’s breathing too.  Are you ‘in sync’?
  5. Mindful Eating – Next time you eat an apple or a chocolate bar, take your time.  Breath slowly and focus on the smell of the snack, the texture and the taste.  Which parts of your body are you using to chew and swallow each mouthful?

Which activity do you like best and what do you think are the benefits of mindfulness exercises like these? Leave a comment below.

Mr P


The person who thinks they can…

Congratulations to the four children in Year 6 who received an actual golden ticket, inviting them to the Essex Schools KS2 Mathematics Competition Final!

We are very proud of these four mathematicians.  They have accomplished something very special by  believing in themselves and showing the school values of passion, aspiration and resilience in the way they approach their learning in maths.

Here’s the poem Mrs Baker read out for reflection time in assembly today.  Leave a comment below explaining what you think the message of the poem is…

If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you don’t.
If you like to win but think you can’t,
It’s almost certain you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost.
For out in the world we find
Success begins with a person’s will.
It’s all in the state of the mind.

If you think you’re outclassed, you are.
You’ve got to think high to rise.
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win the prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man.
But sooner or later, the person who wins
Is the person who thinks they can.


Don’t Give Up / The Power of YET

Lawford Mead Primary is a ‘Growth Mindset’ School.  That means we all believe that everyone can improve and achieve success through effort and determination.  That is why ASPIRATION and RESILIENCE are two of our values.

In both assemblies today we watched two music videos with lyrics that contain a growth mindset message.  We then came up with words of encouragement that we can say to our friends when we see them facing a challenge.  Here are some examples…can you add more in the comments section below…?

“Don’t give up.”

“You CAN do it!”

“Stay calm.”

“Keep on trying.”

“Believe in yourself.”

And if someone says “I can’t do it”, we say “You just can’t do it YET!”

Of course, if you are finding the learning difficult, you can say these to yourself too.

Who will you encourage this week?

Mr P



The Science of Kindness

Below are the two videos about kindness we watched in our Key Stage 2 assembly.  The first explains the science of kindness and how being kind is good for YOU as well as good for other people!  The second video is an inspiring short film to help you think about the ‘chain reaction’ of kindness that YOU have the power to start!  Remember the list we came up with in assembly.  Here are some examples of those kind acts we can try at school to improve someone else’s (and our own) day…

– give a compliment or just a smile and a ‘Good morning!’

– help someone in the playground who looks lonely or if they have hurt themselves

– help someone with their with work and encourage them

– jut ask someone how they are and if they are ok if they look sad

– hold a door or carry something for someone

Leave a comment below and tell us something kind you have done (or someone has done for you) and how it felt.

Mr P