MLK Day 2019

Yesterday, Americans celebrated Martin Luther King Day.  It is a day where people honour the memory of a man that inspired so many people to treat each other fairly.  King inspired many to stand together to make their dream of peace, unity, justice and equality to become a reality.

Here is the video we watched in the KS2 assembly today about his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech.  What message from the speech means the most to you?  Do you have a favourite line?


Word of the Week Challenge: perilous

In our celebration assembly this Friday we announced our first Lawford Mead ‘Word of the Week’!  We will decide on a interesting word every Friday and challenge ourselves to use it in sentences between assemblies.

This week we have chosen ‘perilous‘!

The Oxford dictionary says perilous is an adjective that means ‘Full of danger or risk‘.

For example: ‘a perilous journey south
Can you post a comment below with a great sentence that accurately uses perilous?
Let’s see what we all came up with before next Friday!
Mr Poyton

Gymnastic? Fantastic!

Our gymnastics clubs are very popular and in assembly today we watched a brilliant video of a truly talented gymnast, Katelyn Ohashi.

I think this video can inspire us in 3 ways…

  1. Just LOOK at what you can achieve when you work hard and commit to practice.
  2. You can always have FUN when working very hard to achieve your goals. Check out the funky dancing between the somersaults and splits!
  3. Watch Katelyn’s friends and fellow gymnasts in the audience.  We can enjoy EACH OTHER’s successes as well as our own.  You can inspire others and be inspired by them too.

Who and what inspires you? How will you inspire others?

Mr Poyton

Year 6 parents presentation

Thank you to all the Year 6 parents who attended the presentation on Year 6 expectations and SATs.  You can find the PowerPoint slides used by teachers here.

All parents can find more information and guidance for supporting your child’s learning at home here.

Mr Poyton

Happy New Year!

We were very excited to welcome the children back this week. 2019 and the Spring term ahead are going to be jam packed with unforgettable experiences, learning and fun.

We look forward to seeing families at our MAGs mornings in March and FUDG mornings in June.  Keep an eye on the weekly newsletter for more information about those and other upcoming events.

As one of our school values is aspiration, we are always setting ourselves ambitious targets and trying our very best to achieve our goals.  But a new year is a particularly good time to set your heart and mind on something new or better. Have you got any new year’s resolutions you can share in a comment below this post?

Mr Poyton

Merry Christmas from Lawford Mead

All of us at Lawford Mead wish our families and friends in the community a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2019.

We are looking forward to a an exciting Spring term ahead, full of learning and achievement.  BUT, pupils and staff have been working very hard and deserve a rest until then!

See you all on January 7th!

Mr Poyton

Premier League Poetry Competition

For the 2nd year in a row we have entered Key Stage 2 children’s poems into the Premier League Primary Stars Poetry Competition.

This year’s theme was Diversity and below is one of our favorite Lawford Mead poems, by Faith in Year 4.  Faith read lots of different poems to get inspiration and read the poem with beautiful expression in our final assembly of the year.  Fingers crossed that some of our own poems will be published in the Primary Stars book next year!    What does Faith’s poem get you thinking about?



By Faith (year 4)


Everyone is born

In a different way.

It doesn’t matter

How we look or what we say.


From different countries

Around the world.

It’s full of different genders!

Boys and girls.


We sure are glad

It works this way,

The world is so unique



Did you know?

If everyone was the same you see,

You wouldn’t be you

And I wouldn’t be me!




Bounce back like this baby bear!

In today’s assembly we talked about our value of resilience.  We looked at dictionary definitions of the word…

  1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
  2. the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

Then we watched this video below, a dramatic clip of an determined bear cub and the inspirational example of resilience it demonstrates in its attempts to get back to its mum.  We discussed what challenges we might face when we could think of that bear cub and be inspired to persevere and not give up.

Can you leave a comment below this post and tell us when YOU will show resilience like the heroic little bear in the video?

Mr Poyton

School Council Competition

Two passionate and well organised pupils in Year 4 ran their own anti-bullying writing competition for pupils.  Here they are with the winner and here is her winning poem, voted for by our School Council…




N o bullying because it’s mean

O ne should not start


B e kind and don’t hurt

U se kind feet and hands

L ove is what we need, not bullying

L ight side is the right thing not the bullying side

Y ou should not bully each other because it will hurt someone’s feelings

I n school or anywhere you shouldn’t be mean

N owhere is the place to bully

G o to someone like your teacher if someone bullies you