Monday’s learning and Home Learning Packs

Below is the link to week 1 Home Learning Pack:

Just a reminder about the use of the Home Learning Packs:

The majority of the content is the same as the daily blogs but adapted slightly to avoid the need for external websites. Some children may require maths that has been adapted slightly so in the document we have produced a separate ‘adapted maths’ section to ensure they are practising work suited to them.

We are aware that moving from one link to another can be time-consuming for some so by uploading a week’s worth of learning we hope we can provide further support to those families who would prefer this method.

Monday’s Learning 1/5/2020:

English: Watch the video called ‘Little Freak’

and plan a setting description. Use bullet point notes to identify what you can see in the main setting of the video:  e.g jug, chains, chair. Next, get a thesaurus and add description to your objects that you have identified: e.g. chains with an abundance of spikes sharply pointing into the air


Complete the following arithmetic paper (answers at the bottom):

Watch lesson 1 on the following website, complete the worksheet and check your answers


You will be practising numbers, colours and the question “Magst du ….?” (Do you like ….?) with various topics and you will be able to practise your speaking skills. You will need: a piece of A4 paper, coloured pens and scissors. If you do not have access to the internet, see if you can ask an adult to show you how to make one…

  1. Watch this video on how to make a “chatterbox”. Follow the instructions on how to make it. You will be writing slightly different things inside it.
  2. Colour in the four squares each with a different colour (like on the video) and also write in German the colour (eg, rot, blau, gelb, grün, weiß, braun, schwarz, lila, rosa).
  3. On the small triangles inside (like on the video) write any 8 numbers between 1 and 30 and then write the German words for those numbers as well. Use the numbers sheet from Monday 18th May to help you spell them. 
  4. Underneath the triangles, when you lift them up you are going to write some questions (not like on the video this time). Questions must all start with “Magst du…?” which as you know, means, “Do you like…?”.
    Here are some example questions to help get you started but you can use any food / drink / school subjects / activities words in German: 

Magst du Orangen? (Do you like oranges?)

Magst du Vanilleeis? (Do you like vanilla ice cream?)

Magst du ….? Schwimmen (swimming), Tanzen (dancing), Gymnastik (gymnastics), Fußball (football)

Magst du ….? Englisch, Mathe, Musik, Sport

Magst du ….? Apfelsaft (apple juice), Tee (tea), Kaffee (coffee), Wasser (water)

5. How to play:

Ask a sibling or adult to choose a colour – say it in German. Spell out the colour whilst opening the chatterbox to the top and side.

Now ask your partner to choose a number (in German). Open out the chatterbox to the top and side and count up to the number they have chosen IN GERMAN. 

When you finish counting, your partner has to choose another number in German. Open the flap under that number and read out the question underneath. Your partner can answer Ja (yes) or Nein (no) or they could say Ja das ist lecker (Yes that is delicious) / Ja das macht Spaß (Yes that is fun) or Nein das ist nicht so gut (No that is not good) – or other opinions you have learnt in German.

Welcome back!

Welcome back, year 6!

This half term will see us recapping many of the skills we feel will support you when you move on to Secondary school.

We will continue with our daily English, Maths and Foundation subjects but we will be adding in ‘Transition’ sessions:

For those of you working from home, we will be hosting a transition zoom meeting every Friday afternoon – parents keep an eye out as we will be emailing across the meeting ID, password and a document which outlines expectations to adhere to during the meetings. We will also be uploading a document shared with us to provide additional transition support at home.

As last time, we will also be uploading audio files of our new class book ‘Stormbreaker’ by Anthony Horowitz.

Hope you are still staying safe and healthy!

Miss Cope, Miss Caldwell and Mrs Dockerill

Half term well wishes…

What a very different half term we have had to what we would have expected, year 6. We have enjoyed seeing all the work you have been blogging, smiled at seeing so many of your faces on the zooms we have held and laughed at many of your entertaining seesaw posts!

You have worked very hard this half term – well done to yourselves: we are PROUD. Again, thank you to you – parents – for your engagement, guidance and support regarding your children’s home learning.

As we always say, take this time to read (see previous posts regarding free reading resources online) and learn a new skill to share with us after half term on the blogs/Seesaw.

We hope you have a restful, family-fuelled half term.

Stay safe and enjoy the nice weather!

Miss Cope, Miss Caldwell and Mrs Dockerill

Friday’s learning – 22/5/2020


Complete questions from the three links below (complete 5 from each – only a max of 15 allowed on the website) then have a go at the extra questions below on paper:


Complete paper 21 and 22, check answers and post on Seesaw:

Watch the videos again about a healthy diet.

Which foods have you collected would be classified as ‘healthy’? Which would be classed as unhealthy?

Select all your ‘unhealthy’ options – what could you swap them for to make a healthier choice?

Thursday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Once again it was great to see you on Zoom. Who knew that the most popular colour highlighter was yellow?

Stabilo Highligther Boss Orignal | Lazada Singapore

Chloe- An acrostic poem. Fantastic
Barney- All the white rose maths correct. (I think this was Wednesday) Well done. Lots of Literacy today. You consistently produce such pleasing work.
Christina- That is a long walk!! I am glad you enjoyed it. It was a good idea to get out early as it was cooler. Lots of work too.
Alex- I am glad you enjoyed the discussion task- it always helps if it is a topic you are interested in.
Freya and Harry- You have both really shown a real passion for learning… at home . Well done for demonstrating the school values. 
Maja – Full marks AGAIN!! AMAZING!
Austin – Great maths-revising decimals

Megan K- Yet another busy day. I spotted some coding today too.
Edward- Splendid grammar and some maths work as well.
Tony- Marvellous- some grammar work for you too. I like the video demonstrating the maths paper
Sonny- Full marks on the maths daily.
Cohen and Averie- We hope you enjoyed the quiz this morning. 
Elif- I thought the icing looked amazing- all part of the design.

Thursday’s learning – 21/5/2020

Don’t forget our zoom meeting at 11am! Ask your parents to check their emails for the meeting ID and password. Bring a pen and paper with you for a quiz and anything else you would like to share with us – maybe your poems?


Have a go at one of the writing challenges on the above website. It is free to join but check with an adult first! Can’t access the site? Use the following pobble image to complete some creative writing…



Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw

Maths: Watch the home learning video for today on the below link and see attached document for today’s task:

Complete paper 20 check answers and post on Seesaw:


Access the code for life website at the above link. You should either have your school login with you or ask your adult to register free for you as long as they do not mind!

Start from the level you got up to last week. Work through the levels of rapid router collecting points as you go…

Extra reading:

why not listen to James and the Giant Peach being read out loud by some famous faces over on the Roald Dahl Youtube channel? Check with an adult first!

Wednesday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Happy Wednesday Year 6- The teachers have really enjoyed looking at the poetry videos today!

Megan K- Looks like you had a furry friend to help you this morning! What is their name?
Tony and Edward- Great maths.
Xav- A very clear poster and such a fab poem. Well done for performing it.
Alex- Wow! Wow! Wow! That display is AWESOME!! Some great results too and well done for working out where you went wrong.
Freya- An informative poster. I love that you are still reading daily and filling in your reading record in such detail. A fab sketch too.
Elif- Another good day of lockdown learning.
Christina -You have produced some pleasing work today.
Austin- I like the skull and crossbones on your poster.
Maja- BRILLIANT!! 40/40, you can’t get any higher than that!
Sonny- A very clearly presented poster
Jake- It was so lovely to see your video today. I really love the message in your poem.
Mark- Marvellous maths work and great grammar!
Harry- Well done for using your time at home so constructively.
Barney- A really good performance- excellent tone and pace- actions too. It made me smile!!
Tayah- Looking at nets today- good!
Cohen- Brilliant- a ‘joy’ful performance- I en’joy’ed it enormously.
Averie- Loud and proud- excellent. Effective actions too! Well done.
Alice- Another impressive piece of art. Your poster is superb!
Chloe M- It is really good to see you practising your maths.

Wednesday’s learning – 20/5/2020


It’s time to learn and perform a poem. Watch the above video and remember our SMART rules when accessing Youtube. It would be great if you perform one of your own creations, or you could learn and perform one of the following poems. Think about pace, tone and actions.


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw

Maths: Watch the home learning video for today on the below link and see attached document for today’s task:

Complete arithmetic paper 19, check answers and post on Seesaw:


Tuesday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

There have been some beautiful poems today- they have been a  joy to read.  
Phoebe-A beautiful poem. Lots of things to give you joy! Lots of maths work too.
Xav- I counted 10 claps!
Freya-Lots of ticks on your maths work. You are producing consistency pleasing work from home.
Christina- I love the art work, very effective! Great marks and a bit of German too.
Chloe M- Superb maths.
Frankie – A lovely poem and well done for making sure you edit your work. The bike rides are getting longer.
Alice- A splendid poem- I like the structure of the verses!
Austin- A clear mind-map;can you now turn it in a poem?
Cohen- An impressive poem and accurate maths work.
Averie-Amazing Averie- sound like this morning was very productive
Maja-Great- some online learning today.
Tony-Exploring the present perfect form today, I see!

Barney- A 10 km run. That is very impressive!! A terrific poem: lots of things to be grateful for.

We’ve also had a few pieces of work which have been unnamed. Make sure you write your name on every piece of work you upload!

Tuesday’s learning – 18/5/2020


Read the poem called ‘Joy’

What is it about? What pattern does it follow?

What makes you happy? What gives you joy or makes you feel grateful? Think about the little things as well as the big things. Sometimes it can be as simple as a smile, a favourite food, a friend or a piece of music. Write a list/ Mindmap/Sketch the things then have a go at creating your own poem. It will be very individual to you because we all have different things that bring us joy. Enjoy!!


Complete 10 questions – post score /10 on Seesaw

Maths: Watch the home learning video for today on the below link and see attached document for today’s task:

Complete arithmetic paper 18 and check answers and post on Seesaw:


We are looking at substances today how they can harm the body. Can you find a definition of what a ‘substance’ is?

What is the meaning of the word ‘drug’? It is any chemical that has an effect on the body. Write a list of chemicals you know/have heard of that are classed as ‘drugs’ (think back to our Jigsaw lesson where we discussed this).

Watch the videos:

Create an informative poster about how drugs can be dangerous. Also give advice on how to stay safe. Below is an example to help: