When Muddy Adventures was rained off…

Last Tuesday, we were due to start out long awaited sessions of Muddy Adventures! However, there was a gale and lots of rain so we were not allowed to go outside. Instead, we spent the morning playing dodgeball in the hall – it was so much fun and got very competitive! Thanks Miss Lindsay!

Grangewaters Week at School – BEST WEEK EVER!

Whilst some of year 5 and 6 were at Grangewaters, those of us that were left at school had a fantastic week full of fun, creativeness and getting very wet!

At the beginning of the week, we split into two ‘ countries’ and spent time building up our countries, including making flags, national anthems, currency and a mascot. Our countries were called ‘Lordsford’ and ‘Royal Mead’ and as we split up, we could already feel the pride in our country. We then had the important task of electing out Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister – it was a tough one as all of the election speeches were heartfelt and well written. We also ensured we had passports so that we could leave and enter the county – well done Brandon for being so great on passport control.

Towards the end of the week, we realised that a member of Lordsford had been kidnapped by Royal Mead! There was outrage! We had to create armour in order to fight to save him! On Friday, Lordsford declared war on Royal Mead.

After covering ourselves in suncream, we ventured out to the field where we played team dodgeball. It was neck and neck for a while but eventually Lordsford took the victory! They had won back their prisoner of war.

But the war wasn’t over yet. After a long and gruelling game of rounders, Royal Mead took the win and celebrated by having some lunch!

After lunch we went on a vacation to the land of Muddy adventures. We made some brilliant shelters, yummy mud pies and even the teachers climbed around like monkeys. Lordsford won a long (and challenging) game of ‘Hide and Seek’ in which some children go stuck in a bush for a while! Eventually we managed to detangle them.

All that was left was to cool down with a lovely water fight – what a great way to end a fantastic week (especially as it was so hot!)