Today’s learning – 11/1/22


Complete 30 minutes of Read Theory (login in your reading record)


Today we are planning a diary entry based on what an evacuee would have felt like when they first arrived in the countryside.

Make notes under the two columns.

Events of the dayFeeling and reasons why
eg: arrived in the villageeg: frightened as I didn’t know what to expect

You can watch the opening of Goodnight Mr Tom to help you.


Today we are learning how to calculate the volume of cubes and cuboids.

Now complete the sheet.


Watch the video to learn more about evacuation.

Now draw 5 items you would want to take with you if you were an evacuee and write down why you would want to take it with you. Below is an example.

Today’s learning – 7/1/22

Reading – complete 30 mins of Read Theory (login in your reading record)

English – we are looking at prefixes and suffixes. Use the video to help you then complete the task:

Maths – complete the attached arithmetic sheet


today we watched Goodnight Mr Tom as part of our new topic and link to our whole class reading book.

Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy

Today’s learning 6/1/22

reading – 30 mins Read Theory (login in your reading record)

English – we have been looking at hyphens. Watch the video below and then create some compound adjectives of your own using the attached sheet (join words in one colour with words from another colour). Next, write a character description of your favourite film character using the hyphenated words to describe them:

maths – area

watch the video below to help you work out area of shapes then complete the tasks:


PE – complete an hour of Joe Wicks PE workouts