Feedback on the new school :)

Miss Jennings and I have been debating what the best part of the new school is. CLEARLY I think the Orchard Room is the best room as it gives as opportunity to teach food technology in a lovely, spacious environment. However Miss Jennings thinks that the hall is the best place because it has a funky removable wall and it’s close to the music studio.

Please post what your FAVOURITE part of the new school is – we’d love to hear your ideas!

Miss Giles

Redwood & Rowan First Post

Welcome to the first ever YEAR 6 blog post. This is almost as exciting as when man first landed on the moon. Almost. We will be using this blog to share our excellent learning and sparkling personalities with a global audience, as well as our Lawford Mead family.

This is also a great place for us to share homework activities, extra learning ideas and a gallery of all our fantastic work. We can’t wait to see all your posts and comments!

Miss Giles & Miss Jennings