Wonderful Writing – Charley

Laying over the ice-blue sea, a cloud was born. He cautiously broke away from his friends, ready start to start his journey independently. During his early life, he felt shy in front of others yet he had lots of challenges to face. With chirping birds surrounding him; the glistening ocean beneath him, he drifted around. He continuously hovered above the vast oceans. Until one day, he decided to venture into the unknown.

The unknown place was a nerve-wracking place at first: it was the crowded city with colossal buildings – which towered overhead. On a daily basis, he had to squeeze through microscopic gaps and narrow bends to get to the other side. When he eventually reached the other side, he elegantly floated past bunches of people. All the people continuously glared at him as he drifted through the streets, minding his own business. Although he spent a lot of his time milling around, he was still unsure of his purpose in life. Gazing at his own reflection, he wondered where he belonged. Was he ever going to find out?

Even though he spent a long time believing he was a nobody, one day this all changed. On this day, he spotted a gush of smoke and saw an opportunity to find out who he actually was. Rapidly, he flew towards the fog, as if he had been overtaken by something. Once he arrived at the scene, he could see that the people around him needed help. After a short moment of reflection, deciding what he should do, he stood over the flames and let water gush out of him like a river. He’d DONE it!He’d stopped the fire from raging dangerously. From that day forward, he realised he did have a purpose in life.

Wonderful Writing – Lily

In the beginning, Creamy the cloud, was produced and born from the salty-sea. He rose up and started his adventure, little did he know what he would become. During his early life, he was scared or unsure (he didn’t really know), but as time passed by, he became more adventurous and uncovered what the world had to hold for him.

Creamy ventured into the busy city. He floated and hovered around this crowded space, unsure what he was going to come across. Squeezing through gaps, lingering around buildings and flying through hazardous objects were just some of the daily dangers he had to face. There were people staring at him all the time, making him feel nervous and cautious about the world around him. Although he was still scared – which I would be if I were young – he carried on uncovering his purpose in life.

However, as he grew older and wiser, he felt like nothing could control him, even the wind. Creamy gained more confidence and started wandering around, holding his head up high. He wasn’t quite sure what it was, but he knew something was about to change. One eventful day, he was gliding around, minding his own business. Suddenly, he saw some smoke bellowing and rising, getting higher and higher! Without thought, something happened. He rushed towards the flames; dropping a gallon of water onto the raging fire. After that day, he knew that he was special and not just like an ordinary cloud. There was only one way to describe Creamy: an extraordinary mist.

What makes you extraordinary like Creamy?

Wonderful Writing – Misha

Early Life

Expanding, growing, finding my way in this world. Huge waves towered rapidly around me, as I continued to unroll my snow-white fluffiness, developing into an adult cloud. You may not know who I am: I am just an ordinary cloud with an extraordinary story to tell.  I begin my story here, at the Pacific Ocean, where life is unexpected and as a young cloud, I wasn’t quite sure how my life would turn out. Through the sea, I wandered as the seagulls flew above me. As time went by, I finally arrived at the shore, ready to begin my journey into adulthood.

My life as part of the water cycle…

Life in the city was confusing. POP! As I squeezed through towers and buildings, I was unsure of where to go next or what my purpose in life was. Carefully, I floated like the wind couldn’t command me, moving from one skyscraper to another. It was crowded – unlike the calm sea I was used to – making me feel terrorised by the unknown. Whereas my life at sea was much more simple, the city was a demon. People watched me hover and linger around, like a bad smell. Although the people looked in amazement, unsure of my presence, my self-esteem went from strength to strength. On film, I was captured by the people, making me feel wanted. Little did I know, my life was about to change…

When my life changed…

With my ever-growing confidence, I attempted more and more and became tougher and tougher. One day, as usual, I drifted across the pale-blue sky, minding my own business. As I passed by, I witnessed something I’d never seen before. It halted me to a stop. I panicked for a split-second; I didn’t know what to do… what should I do? Deep within me, an instinct occurred. My heart told me what I needed to do. My head wasn’t so sure.

My choices were either to escape like a coward or to help and do the right thing. I raced towards the fire because it was the only choice. Cascading, rain poured out of me like it was normal for every cloud. Surprisingly, the fire began to subside. It was working! I was decreasing the size of the fire, all alone. I finally accomplished my journey as a cloud. This is my purpose in life.

Wonderful Writing – Harry W

Biography of a Cloud

Condensing, mixing, floating, the cloud was formed from invisible water vapour and ice-crystals. He was different to the others because the wind could not command him and he decided where he wanted to go. Rising higher, the sun was joined by the lathering waves and so the puffy pall was born. Soaring and floating peacefully, he played with the pecking birds – passing his imprisoned friends, who, unlike him, were not free to go wherever they pleased. Finally he reached his destination: the polluted metropolis, where he knew he was spoilt for choice with activities. But where to start? With the towering skyscrapers? Or the low-lying shacks? Purposefully the powdery mantle made its way through the smoking city towards an exciting funnel of ebony smoke. Fighting bravely below, the firefighters battled with the torrid flames and so the cloud decided to assist. The more he did, the more he became. He wasn’t just a cloud…he was a hero!

Wonderful Writing – Sophie

Biography of a Cloud

A collection of water droplets condensing into a fluffy pillow: this is a cloud. We are surrounded by these mystical vapours all the time and yet today something is different. One cloud stands out from the rest. This cloud was not commanded by the wind. She started her epic journey by the spuming sea – moving with the navy waves and soaring into the atmosphere like a firework. Hanging high in sky, like a newly-freed puppet, the cloud was followed by her feathery friends, until she finally reached the city. The cloud drifted between lanky towers and engulfed multicoloured traffic lights. Blinking furiously, the amber, emerald and crimson lights mixed with her body – creating a dazzling party-like spectacle. As she climbed higher and higher with the sun and against the towering skyscrapers, she caught a glimpse of her obscure form reflected in the window. She felt proud looking at her hazy body, which had been freed from the heavens. What a marvellous expedition she had been on! As the sun set heavily across the sky, so too the cloud was drawn homeward like an ashen curtain – finally ending its miraculous escape.

Wonderful Writing – Jack

A sing-song of snow flurry swirled around the frail branches on the colossal trees and the blizzard winds created and eerie atmosphere.  As the milk-white snow sat on the forest floor the bitter howl of the wind flowed into a cave and echoed back out.  As I hopelessly wandered through the thicket I was always checking behind me for danger.  Nervously walking into the gloomy cave, looking around, I felt like something was following me…

In the corner of my eye I saw a horrifying monster.  Frozen in fear I tried to scare it away but it grew angrier and angrier.  I bolted out of the cave like a bullet! Although I was tired, I ran faster than I’d ever run before.  The wolf struck me.  I fell to the ground in agony.  The wolf’s head hovered over mine.  Is this the end?

Wonderful Writing Kayli Redwood

In literacy we wrote setting descriptions based on the wolf themed reading revision we have been doing in class. Here is Kayli’s work, which I’m sure you’ll agree is fantastic!


IMG_2821 IMG_2822

What features has Kayli included?

What language do you particularly like? Why?

Could Kayli do anything to improve her writing?

Wonderful Writing – Eddie Redwood

The next day I arrived at school and sat daydreaming in class about my scooter. I needed the toilet so I asked to be sent out to the lavatory. Then it happened – I saw one! As soon as I saw it my eyes shone as I spotted the holy scooter next to the lavatory. My body couldn’t take the pressure of stealing. Should I do it? I felt like my brain was going to explode. I felt horrible. I quickly took the scooter, ran down to the playground and hid it amid the leafy bushes.

Putting my hand on the silver door knob, I heard a distraught voice in my head.

‘What is wrong with you?’ I recognised the voice – it was my aunt’s. ‘I thought you were a nice boy’.

My aunt’s voice shattered all of my excited emotions and haunted me like a nightmare. I remembered the time I found that money in the street and handed it in. My aunt had been so proud of me. Should I hand it in?