Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Averie – I love the Madagascar – it is so colourful and bright

Mark – myself and Miss Cope are very excited to hear that you are enjoying your new book. Is it another Alex Rider one?

Megan – you’ve done really well on your mental maths – great job!

Phoebe – you have been completing lots of maths – mental maths and arithmetic – well done

Christina – full marks on your mental maths is brilliant!

Changes to transition zoom timetable

Hi Year 6,

I hope you enjoy your next transition zoom with Mrs Wilson, Mrs Kirby, Miss Johnson and Mrs King today at 10am. Remember there is another one this Friday, next week Tuesday and next week Friday. All at 10am.

There will be a change to the final week zoom timetable. We will finish the transition zooms on Friday the 10th July at 10am.

However, on Friday 17th July at 1pm, we are planning for us to all come together one last time on zoom – including those children who have been coming in to school – to have a leaving zoom together. Bring snacks, have some background music on and bring any games you think we could play 🙂

Adults – please keep an eye out for an email regarding this coming soon.

Stay safe,

Year 6 teachers

Home learning week 5 29/6-3/7

Here are this week’s home learning documents. All tasks are uploaded here for the week as we are no longer posting daily blog work until the end of term.

Remember to upload the work as you complete it to Seesaw and Mrs Wilson, Mrs Kirby, Miss Johnson and Mrs King will see you again Tuesday and Friday at 10am for the next zoom transition along with more shout-outs:

Don’t forget: your adults – those of you not returning to school – should have received an email about your memories of LMPS for your memory book. Fill them in and return them to school via email before the 10th July.

GOOD NEWS: your LMPS jumpers are also being ordered and more information regarding collecting them in Autumn will be with you soon.

Zoom reminder

Hi year 6,

a reminder for zoom session 3 tomorrow at 10am. Myself and Miss Caldwell are unable to make them now but Mrs Wilson, Miss Johnson, Mrs King and sometimes Mrs Kirby will be there to guide you through.

The meeting ID and password is the same as last week and will be the same every week on a Tuesday and Friday until the 17th.

Myself and Miss Caldwell look forward to seeing your tasks you continue to complete.

Stay safe

Seesaw Shout-Outs!

Mark – I’m very pleased to see how well you are getting on with your ratio maths work. I love the ambition of trying to read all of the Alex Rider books too!

Megan – I like that you have used lots of drawings and different colours to help you with your radio work

Alex – You sound very busy! I like that you are completing lots of school work but also having fun with walks and enjoy the sunny weather (but not too much!). I like the worry box too

Christina – I am so impressed with how much you are reading daily and I love the colouring

Phoebe – I really like your drawings of the devil and angel people – they are very good!

Averie – You’ve used some great adjectives to ‘sell’ the house and I really like the cupcake German work – it is very colourful

Seesaw Shout-Outs

It was great to see lots of you on our Zoom chat again! If you complete some of your transition book, make sure you post the photo on Seesaw!

Noah – you look very smart in your new school uniform!

Mark – well done for working out the codes and I love your spy name (Vic Moonraker)

Megan – really good vocabulary finding. I like that you have been doing some extra x table practice too. Well done for keeping up with your transition book.

Alex – you’ve got a very interesting spy name – Phoenix Firestar – and well done for cracking the codes

Phoebe – the German drawing is great! It is so colourful

Averie – you have had a busy food day! Great that you are growing your own food and cooking as well – the cinnamon rolls look delicious.

Christina – WOW you have finished all of Stormbreaker! Did you like it? What was your favourite part? Would you recommend it to a friend?

Home learning 22/6-26/6

Here are this week’s home learning documents. All tasks are uploaded here for the week as we are no longer posting daily blog work until the end of term.

Remember to upload the work as you complete it to Seesaw and see you again Tuesday at 10am for the second zoom transition along with more shout-outs:

Sessions 2 and 3:

Update to Y6 home learning

Hi year 6,

We will no longer be posting daily blog tasks for you to work through as other year groups are. We are now going to be uploading all the resources you need for the week on one post on a Sunday evening so you can work through the resources during the week. Please continue to post the work images or videos you are completing on Seesaw alongside any other activities – we enjoy seeing/watching them!

Don’t forget transition lessons every Tues and Fri at 10am – same ID and password as today. Was lovely to see some new faces this morning!

Stay safe,

Miss Cope, Miss Caldwell and Mrs Dockerill

Friday’s Seesaw Shout-Outs!

It was so lovely to see lots of you at our zoom transition meeting. Well done for continuing with all your hard work at home as well. Have a lovely and relaxing weekend, Miss Cope, Miss Caldwell and Mrs Dockerill.

Megan – I am so impressed that you have already found out some information about your secondary school – well done for being super speedy!

Mark – I was trying to count up all the ticks that you got in your maths but there was so many I lost count!

Austin – It looks like you have loads of ticks too on your arithmetic! Great job on continuing on rapid router as well!

Alex – I am so pleased that you enjoyed the zoom chat too. It was lovely to see you, especially after all the great work you have been posting on seesaw. We hope to see you soon!

Christina – FULL MARKS AGAIN! Yay! Great to hear that you have also been keeping up with reading – 163 minutes is a very long time!