Just Dance…on a Friday afternoon!

Last Friday, it rained so much before our PE session that we decided it would be safer to stay inside. We set up the laptop and put on ‘Just Dance’ and danced the afternoon away! We LOVED it – it was so much fun! Here are just a few shots of us in action.

Trip to the Park!

As a celebration of finishing SATs a couple of weeks ago, year 6 were allowed a trip to the park. We had such a lovely morning, even though it did rain and we got soaked! Congratulations Year 6 – SATs are complete!

Mock SATs Fortnight!

We have been working very hard in the last couple of weeks to complete our mock SATs. Here are just a few pictures of us working together to go through one of the Maths papers. Not long to go, but we are doing great! Lets keep up the hard work! The finish line is near…